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Updates to earlier posts

This stuff came in after I posted this morning’s post and is updates to stuff from previous postings here on Witch on a Bicycle. Some of this is just sad, and some is real sad.

Lets read the just sad first, as there was a 1st person account of riding in the David Meeks funeral, and after. I Rode My Bike Today Yeah, the ones that yell scare me too, and for the same reasons. If they yell today in front of witnesses, what will they do tomorrow when there are no witnesses? This is the same thing that makes me wish I had a way to record the IP addys of people making threats against cyclists in the comments section of an article and then some way to connect those IP addys to people that hit cyclists. That would show premeditation, one of the conditions to attempted murder, or actual murder.

Also something that came in (not from the Feed) was a report that the man from Norman OK that was riding across the country to raise awareness for a flag to honor war dead had died on the ride. Veteran on cross-country trek dies It just goes to show you what can happen, and that we have to live until we die, because we never know when that might happen.

And that’s that.

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Another weak Feed

The Feed was a bit on the anemic side, but there was at least one scary article in it. Not scary as in “Wow, that was a very bad wreck with lots of dead and injured cyclists,” but rather scary as in “That judge hasn’t got a clue and he’s making things worse.”

But beforre we get to the clueless judge, how about a schedule of events celebrating bicycles and clean air? Clean Air Days and Bike Fest in Tucson expands schedule, outreach There will be bike2work days, bicycle races on the amateur, collegiate, and pro levels, and educational events for cyclists and people that have to share the roads with cyclists. It should be great fun.

In MA on Saturday ther was a double hit-and-run where the homicidal maniac hit not one but 2 bicyclists and fled the scene. POLICE NEWS: Charged after after hit and run; two cyclists injured Yes after hitting 2 cyclists there was a lot of damage done to the car, so LEO were able to find the vehicle rather quickly and then arrest the perp on multiple counts of several violations, a variation of “Throw him at the wall and see if he sticks.” Personally I think they should have thrown him harder.

And the scary judge story. Cyclists will receive less accident compensation if not wearing a helmet I could see this being used to deny all claims if the victim wasn’t wearing a helmet, and what is worse the helmet standards in the UK are even more lax than the CPSC standard in the US. Yes that is possible to have a more lax standard than the CPSC and still have some level of protection more than a bare head. It ain’t much better than a bare head, but it will prevent most brain injury due to falls. Now actually getting hit by a moving vehicle is another can of worms entirely, as not only are you falling but there is additional velocity vectors from the vehicle impact that can either add to or lessen the severity of the head impact. Only rarely does getting hit by a vehicle lessen the severity of a head impact.

And that’s the mess.

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