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This morning’s Feed, then I’m going for a ride

The weather here is warm and sunny, so after this gets posted I’m going for a ride. The preceding days of gloom have wrought their toll on my spirits, and I crave a few miles on the bike to wash the gloom away. But first I have to do my job and post the news and my comments.

First up by geography is a report on a minor bike wreck in Austin. Minivan hits bike on Burnet Rd.; Cyclist injured What makes this wreck unusual is that; 1. The van driver is getting a ticket for making an illegal pass. 2. The author of the article recognizes that bicyclists have the right to use the roads. 3. The LEO involved also recognized that the cyclist was in his legal place on the road and told the author of the article.

Another strange article was this report of a hit-and-run against a cyclist in Las Vegas. Bicyclist Killed in Hit & Run Near Las Vegas Blvd. & Russell Rd. Again the LEO recognized the right of the cyclist to be where he was when he was hit and actively pursued finding and arresting the perp. This was on Saturday. Hmmm… maybe some LEO are giving up hating on cyclists for Lent? Or this could be a permanent change?

Still no word on whether LEO will charge the driver that rear-ended a cop riding a bicycle in the bike lane. Police escort officer’s body to Ohio I’m still not clear on why there have been no citations issued in this case. The physical evidence at the scene bears out the facts that the officer was riding within the bike lane and was hit from behind. The only thing that would be stopping the county LEO in charge of the case is a personal belief that cyclists have no right to the roads even in the parts of the roads set aside for their exclusive use.

A report from Canadia on a First Nations person that was riding against traffic. Cyclist clings to life after colliding with car I’m sure by now that you know not to ride against traffic as there is nowhere for oncoming traffic to go and you will get hit sooner or later. Ride with the flow of traffic, not only is it the law but just plain common sense.

Another report from the UK about that troubling court verdict. Cyclists riding with no helmet could be blamed if they are injured – even if an accident was not their fault I made my views on this one perfectly clear yesterday when the story broke. Payments in most cyclist injury cases are woefully inadequate, and cutting them by 15% for not wearing a helmet would be a literal case of adding insult to injury.

To wit: Unlicensed driver killed cyclist No license, no insurance, driving for a crippled person who also had no license or insurance, and they killed a cyclist. So, what was their punishment? (the owner)Bell, 41, was fined £93, told to pay costs of £43, ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £15 and given three penalty points. Penalty points on what? She had no license to penalize. And the driver was released on unconditional bail to await sentencing sometime in the unspecified future. So for killing a person while being illegally on the roads the owner of the vehicle was fined a total of £151 and the driver is walking around free. TANJ!

A tale from Jolly Olde that is none too jolly. Cyclist Injured in Road Accident Typical UK wreck report, no actual information that we can use here to avoid the wreck, but we know the color of the offender’s vehicle (silver).

And that’s the news for this morning.

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