Daily Archives: March 18, 2009

Back to the usual dead and injured bicyclists.

Yes we are back to more of the same, dead and injured cyclists, with one exception. More on that later.

First up is another SWSS crash in Sacto. Sacramento bicyclist is killed in collision with car The wording is classic SWSS, “Darted suddenly in front of the car.” Really?

LVPD names the victim and perpetrator of the hit-and-run Saturday. Bicyclist killed in crash with suspected DUI driver identified I hope the driver never gets behind the wheel of a car again as long as she lives. If that takes putting her in prison, then that’s what it takes to protect the innocent.

And from Enn Zed is a report on a German tourist that had almost ridden around the world on his bicycle, and was on the last leg of the journey. German cyclist killed in BOP was set to go home Just one more day, and he would have been going home, instead he had some kind of tangle with a logging truck.

And that’s the evening Feed. More tomorrow.

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