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Drunk drivers, funerals, and insanity by the truckload

Another Feed came in tonight, and there was nothing good in it. Funerals, hit-and-runs, and SWCC crashes abound. I tell you, even though I have been doing this for 3 years now it still gets to me.

Up first is a multiple report on a hit-and-run by a drunk driver. Motorist arrested after bicyclist killed and Suspected Deadly DUI Driver Was Arrested Before, Police Says Yes he was out on bail for DUI when he killed the cyclist, and yes they gave him bail again. Someone gave some kind of bovine digestive byproduct that they had to release him to charge him in one of the articles. The other basically blamed the cyclist for being where he could be hit by a drunk driver. Not in so many words, but you really had to look to find where they said the driver was drunk and on bail from drunk driving.

And from FL comes a pretty standard SWCC story. Bicyclist killed in crash with van near Orlando’s College Park neighborhood Yes he was crossing the road just off of an intersection where he could cross safely, uh huh, right. And my uncle has this bridge he would like to sell…

And from NM is news on the funeral of the man hit multiple times by hit-and-run drivers. Family lays to rest killed bicyclist This was the same guy that the person trying to assist him at the scene was also hit-and-run. Were I to be in charge my car crusher would have to be running overtime to destroy all the vehicles used by hit-and-run drivers.

Finally comes an updated report on that German tourist in Enn Zed who was killed with a logging truck. German cyclist killed in New Zealand near end of round-world trip Almost done with the trip, and then what? If you have read this blog or one of its predecessors for any length of time then you know I’m loathe to blame a cyclist for a wreck that hasn’t been finally determined, but I’m wondering if the impending end of his trip didn’t cause the cyclist to get careless.

That’s all tonight.

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