Daily Archives: March 21, 2009

A “gentle” Saturday Feed

There were only three articles in the Feed this morning, 2 of which were actually about bicycles, and there were no injuries in the third article which wasn’t about bicycles. What’s really nice was that in the articles about bicycles nobody was permanently killed yet. At least nobody in the articles is dead now. However if I were to catch either of the hit-and-run driver and passenger in the one article, well there’s no guarantee about that “no dead people” statement remaining true. You’ll understand when you read the article.

From the paper that could be counted on to tell the truth when I lived there comes anther report on the hit-and-run of a cyclist in SLC. Bicyclist critically injured in hit-and-run Yes, at least one of them got out of the car to look at the cyclist and then they drove off. Fortunately for them I’m not going to be the one that passes sentence on them when they get caught, and they will get caught.

This is an update from a report back in January where the cyclist was hit from behind in the bike lane. A cyclist is injured, and friends start pedaling If you live close enough to participate in the fundraiser the Poet says “Do it.” As for the driver of the pickup truck that hit him, plus points for stopping and calling 911, many serious minus points for driving in the bike lane and hitting the cyclist from behind, even if it was just with the passenger side mirror. If it was a deliberate act then the driver deserves to spend time in prison i.e. if they were trying to “teach a lesson” and either way the person needs to lose their license, deliberate act or negligent act. And for you helmet nazis, he was wearing a helmet when he was hit and still suffered several skull fractures. For the rest of you, wear a helmet every time you ride, not just because I said to but because it’s the only piece of protective gear you can get. It ain’t much but it’s all we got.

And that is all I have this morning.

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