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More news and acerbic comments, the Feed

The Feed was a little scattered today as it just puked out everything with the words “bicycle”, “cyclist”, or “rider” in the article. Aside from one dead motorcycle rider there wasn’t much in the way of dead people in the Feed, but there was one dying person. well in a way everyone in the Feed was dying, but this guy is just going a bit faster than the other people mentioned. And with the recent death of a celebrity by a brain injury there has been renewed bleating by sheeple for mandatory helmet laws for everything from skiing to tots on tricycles to grannies on mobility scooters. And you should see the editorial comments on parents that let their children on the ski slopes without helmets! You would think they were having the kids committing seppuku instead of skiing or snowboarding without a helmet. The irony is that Ms. Richards injury could not have been prevented with a helmet, her brain injury was caused by her head being shaken because it was connected to her torso. Ms. Richards never hit her head and a helmet would have just made her injury that much worse by increasing the mass of her head. She died in much the same way as my mother did a few years ago.

The NoCal city of Sausalito is discovering that while their town is the perfect size for cycling tourists, a lack of infrastructure to accommodate those cyclists is creating a headache. Bicycling tourists overwhelm Sausalito The comments section was mostly funny about it. “The locals are complaining about the thing that’s keeping their economy going, boo hoo.”

In FL they had a bicycle shop burglary and a bike ride to remember those killed by drunk drivers Big-Bend briefs The bike shop looked like a professional job as only the big-ticket items were taken that could be easily E-bayed or Craigslisted for quick sale were taken. The bike ride was for a good cause.

An intersection between 2 highways and a cycle trail where injury wrecks have taken place has stirred up a call for improvements in the infrastructure. Redcar mum backs calls over junction after being knocked off her bike Apparently trying to get through the area on a bicycle is somewhat hairy as drivers act like bikes aren’t there.

If you live in Oz and your bike riding boss or co-worker hasn’t made it back from the weekend you might want to call these guys about it. Police try to identify injured Gold Coast cyclist Umm, yeah maybe something useful like maybe race, hair and eye color instead of pants and t-shirt and make of bike? Again this wreck points out the need for ID that won’t get separated from you in a wreck, like RoadID or a set of dogtags with your name, address, phone number to contact, and maybe blood type. That’s the information I have on my tags that I got for my birthday last year. I never go on a ride without my tags.

The first of the helmet articles, without the usual overstatements of their effectiveness. A helmet could help avert injury The article actually states that over 14 MPH helmets don’t provide much protection. But then they ruin it by calling for mandatory bike and motorcycle helmets along with the ski helmets in spite of statistics that they quoted showing that any effectiveness at reducing deaths was so small as to be lost in the statistical noise.

And the article that way over states the effectiveness of helmets (“90% effective in reducing brain injury”). LIVE WELL: If you’re a cyclist, wear a helmet [sarcasm] Yeah, right, styrofoam hats will fix the problems of cars running into cyclists and all the problems will go away if we all just will wear our helmets.[/sarcasm] (Note to the ISO committee on HTML standards, we desperately need a real tag for sarcasm.) Another misstatement of fact in the article was the comparison of deaths. There have been no years in which the death toll has risen above 800 cyclists since 1997, which makes their claim of 900 cyclists killed in 2006 incorrect.

And finally the story of a man fighting against AMLS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. His greatest race He can hardly walk or ride his bike any more, but he hopes to be able to complete 100 yards in each of the three disciplines of the triathlon to help raise awareness for his disease.

And that’s the Feed.

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All out of the US and mostly “Down Under”, the Feed

Yes there were no bike wrecks posted to the Feed today from the US and only one from the Northern Hemisphere. There was one old report about the now-dead bicycle registration bill in Oregon, that I left out because the bill being referenced is no longer active having been killed in committee.

From Jolly Olde comes news that the drivers that hit-and-run a 9 YO have been caught and placed in jail where they belong. Arrests after cyclist boy’s death Cute kid, too bad he won’t get the chance to grow up and break a few girls’ hearts. I hope the people that hit him get everything that’s coming to them. Once again, I do not like drivers that commit hit-and-run.

Our first report from Oz is an example of why you should always have some kind of ID that won’t get lost in a wreck. Injured cyclist a mystery man Yes, no ID except that he was riding a Giant brand bicycle painted blue. To avoid being in the same situation get yourself RoadID or a set of dog tags from your local ArmyNavy store.

Another report from Oz has a woman getting thrown from her bike and a 13YO injured by a car. Cyclist killed near Mole Creek And the synopsis sentence retold almost the entire report…

And finally from Enn Zed is a report that most cyclists killed and injured there are not at fault. Proof – it’s usually not the cyclist’s fault Interesting to note that as more of the cyclists were not able to make initial reports to the police and police were forced by circumstances to rely on drivers’ reports the more cyclists were at fault. I wonder if that was because the actual fault was with the dead or unconscious cyclist, or if only the drivers’ side of the story was heard.

And that’s all for today. Keep those ocular organs pointed this way for further updates.

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