All out of the US and mostly “Down Under”, the Feed

Yes there were no bike wrecks posted to the Feed today from the US and only one from the Northern Hemisphere. There was one old report about the now-dead bicycle registration bill in Oregon, that I left out because the bill being referenced is no longer active having been killed in committee.

From Jolly Olde comes news that the drivers that hit-and-run a 9 YO have been caught and placed in jail where they belong. Arrests after cyclist boy’s death Cute kid, too bad he won’t get the chance to grow up and break a few girls’ hearts. I hope the people that hit him get everything that’s coming to them. Once again, I do not like drivers that commit hit-and-run.

Our first report from Oz is an example of why you should always have some kind of ID that won’t get lost in a wreck. Injured cyclist a mystery man Yes, no ID except that he was riding a Giant brand bicycle painted blue. To avoid being in the same situation get yourself RoadID or a set of dog tags from your local ArmyNavy store.

Another report from Oz has a woman getting thrown from her bike and a 13YO injured by a car. Cyclist killed near Mole Creek And the synopsis sentence retold almost the entire report…

And finally from Enn Zed is a report that most cyclists killed and injured there are not at fault. Proof – it’s usually not the cyclist’s fault Interesting to note that as more of the cyclists were not able to make initial reports to the police and police were forced by circumstances to rely on drivers’ reports the more cyclists were at fault. I wonder if that was because the actual fault was with the dead or unconscious cyclist, or if only the drivers’ side of the story was heard.

And that’s all for today. Keep those ocular organs pointed this way for further updates.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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