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Not much in the feed today, well actually there was a lot in the Feed, just not much that was applicable to this blog. Lance Armstrong broke his collarbone, painful for Lance but as it happened in a race and not out on the roads training it doesn’t matter for us, and articles about Lance’s collarbone were about half the Feed.

One article that superficially doesn’t have much bearing on us as cyclists actually has a great insight on the thought processes (such as they are) of legislators. Helmet act in memory of young rider advances Yes they are talking about making helmets mandatory when riding a horse! How many people are killed each year in falls from horses? What is the statistical exposure? Does the small amount of death that results from people falling off horses justify requiring helmets every time you ride? And what level of protection is going to be required? A bicycle helmet is barely enough protection to justify its existence for bicyclists, and a fall from a horse generates 4 times the forces on the head (speed when falling increases as the square of height discounting aerodynamic drag), so that’s obviously not the helmet to use. Motorcycle helmets would fall within the level of protection but would they be too hot to wear? Polo helmets were designed to equestrian levels of protection but do they come with certification? And how much do polo helmets cost?

More on Matt Lauer’s run-in with a deer. Matt Lauer injured in bicycle accident Matt needs to work on his panic stop techniques or start riding a recumbent.

There were already 2 cyclists injured in or near Steamboat Springs CO, and at least the media is concerned about it. 2 cyclists hurt this month Aside from mis-stating the language of the law, the old “as far right as possible” as opposed to the legal language “as far right as practicable” (emphasis mine) the article isn’t too bad. At least one of the commenters has a severe case of car-head implying that drivers of cars will not slow down even if it means killing someone on the roads to not slow down.

And finally we have another report on that driver that got a ticket for hitting a cyclist in TX a little old but still important. Cyclist injured in traffic accident I still love reading about this, not that I love reading about the injured cyclist, but that the driver will be punished. That is so rare in TX.

And that’s all for today.

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