More stuff from the cyclists’ world

OK that headline is a work in progress. I have to make this quick as I have been asking for 3 years now for my wife to clear away the furniture and junk from in front of my workbench in the garage and I find that she is trying to throw away my parts and supplies because they’re “junk” that I haven’t done anything with in years. Duh! I haven’t been able to get to someplace to work with them in 4 or 5 years since somebody came in and dumped a ton of stuff on and in front of my workbench in the guise of “cleaning up”. Also I have to keep her from putting the stuff that would be illegal toxic waste in the landfill into the garbage can instead of sending it to the recyclers to be legally disposed of.

Up first from the US is a man riding a single-speed cruiser bike across the country to raise awareness for brain injuries, like the injury I have. Man to raise awareness for brain injuries The first several crossings of the US by bicycle were done with single speeds, so it can be done, and there was even some people that did the RAAM on fixies. If he makes it he will be extremely fit. As to whether or not he makes it that will be mostly up to him and if he can maintain his health that long.

Next up is a report from South Africa on the difficulty of using a bicycle as transportation in that country. Terror on two wheels It seems in every Anglophone country bicycles are treated as toys, or something “Other People” use, rendering their operators as less than human. At least I know it isn’t confined to TX.

And from Oz is a story of a driver backing out of their driveway without looking and injuring a teen cyclist. Cyclist hospitalised after crash

And that’s the Feed for today.

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