Wild, weird, and deadly Feed

The evening Feed had some interesting reports. Also some disturbing stuff from MD and FL.

The “interesting” part was Today show host Matt Lauer getting hit by a deer while he was out riding. OH, DEER! MATT’S BICYCLE BANG-UP Yes, you have to watch out for them deer, they’re sneaky illegitimate children, hiding in the ditch and waiting for unsuspecting cyclists so they could jump out and knock them down.

From MD comes a report on their attempt to pass a 3 foot passing law. ‘Dweeby,’ yes, ‘obnoxious,’ a few, but cyclists need that buffer Apparently they need better PR to go with that 3 foot passing law.

And FL kills another one. Bicyclist killed crossing Orange Blossom Trail I don’t know what to say about this one as it appears to be infrastructure related, and also stupidity related on the cyclist’s part. Cross at intersections, not mid-block. There was a light controlled intersection just a couple hundred yards away from the wreck site. You can see the crosswalk sign in the background of the picture with the article.

And that’s all.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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