Another huge Feed

Today was another huge Feed with a pretty decent signal to noise ratio and a minimal number of dead motorcyclists. As much as I hate saying so in this blog I have as much sympathy for the scoot riders as I do for bicycle riders, even though some of you scoot pilots treat me personally about the same as many car drivers. But under the law proposed in TX you and we fall under the same classification when we are on the roads, vulnerable road users. As do everyone on foot regardless of how they got there, those riding horses, riding in horse drawn wagons or buggies, or driving open farm equipment. Everyone that uses the roads with potentially nothing between you and another vehicle in a wreck but your clothes is a vulnerable road user.

Up first today is another report of a driver getting a ticket for hitting a cyclist when not impaired by drugs or alcohol. Steamboat briefs: Woman receives citation after accident with cyclist That’s 2 weeks in a row that a driver has gotten a ticket for injuring a cyclist, that has to be some kind of a record. As for how you can avoid the same kind of wreck, well in this case you can’t. The cyclist was already using his escape route and was as far over as he could get when the driver hit him from behind, that’s one of the reasons she got the ticket. Sometimes you can be doing everything absolutely right and still get hit. For grins and giggles you can use the link to the original story on the right hand side of the article and read the anti-bicycle rantings of a certain driver who already has multiple major tickets and who was posting under his real name. Guess what is going to happen the next time he so much as buzzes a cyclist?

Another SoCal hit-and-run. Driver sought in Antioch hit-and-run that injured bicyclist From the description of the wreck, the cyclist was turning right when the driver turned left and hit him as they turned into the same lane. This is what we call a left cross wreck, where the driver failed to yield right of way to the cyclist as required by law or regulation in most states including CA. A great deal about this wreck is unknown to us mere mortals who write the news and comments, like if the driver was signaling or if the cyclist signaled his turn, but the cyclist’s signal would not have made any difference because the driver still was required to wait until the cyclist had cleared the intersection before turning. As before to avoid this kind of wreck you must always leave yourself an escape route and be willing to use it if drivers do something unexpected like turning into you at an intersection.

Still in SoCal, the OC to be precise, a man is hit by a right-turning vehicle while riding his trike through an intersection. Man killed while riding trike identified From witness descriptions of the intersection this guy never had a chance, as construction completely blocked his view of traffic and vice versa. Sometimes you end up in situations like this because of other’s stupidity or disregard. The only thing I can say about it is to get clear of the situation as quickly as possible when you can make certain that the way is clear. From the description of the other vehicle it wouldn’t have made any difference for the driver if the construction hadn’t been there as his vehicle had enormous blind spots up close and would not have been able to see the adult tricycle.

And a kid gets hit by a truck in MI. West Michigan cyclist, 12, killed by pickup truck There isn’t enough from the article to say what happened or how to avoid it, neither was there enough to say if a helmet would have made any difference.

Updating a report from earlier this week on a wreck Monday evening. FHP Indentifies Bicyclist Killed In Crash Additional information indicates that reduced visibility at the time of the wreck may have been involved in the cyclist’s decision to cross at that moment.

Police Chief suffers an “Oops!” moment while on a charity ride. Fall cuts short charity bike ride for North Miami Beach police chief Pack riding takes additional skills not picked up during solo rides, and as pointed out in the article the physical demands of riding can diminish one’s situational awareness, even for experienced riders.

Another lawyer choosing after the fact protection over before the wreck prevention. Wearing a Bicycle Helmet May Save Your Life if You are in a Bicycle Accident Helmets can save lives, but don’t depend on them.

Another person mistakes wearing a helmet for doing something about bicycle safety. A plea for bicycle safety The report also mis-states the stop as yield law pending before the Oregon legislature. The law allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yields slowing to check for traffic and then riding through if clear, or stopping completely if not clear. You know, the way most people in cars treat them most of the time.

And from Jolly Olde comes the first of our reports on wrecks with no information. Cyclist seriously injured in Digmoor Road collision UK media laws can be so bothersome to those of us who need the information to protect our readers.

Some good news is that killing a cyclist will still get you a ticket in the UK. Man on crash charge after boy is killed Still nothing about the actual mechanics of the wreck to tell you how to avoid.

And finally another one gets jail for killing a cyclist. Jail for driver who left fatally injured cyclist in road I’m not sure if they are giving him the jail time for killing the cyclist or for hit-and-run, but he’s going to jail, that’s good enough for me.

More later as it comes in.

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