What does it take to get prosecution?

There was some good news and some bad news in today’s Feed. The good news is they arrested the driver in that SLC hit-and-run, the bad news is the Grand Jury declined to indict the driver that ran over the cyclist in Chattanooga. I don’t know what it will take to get prosecution against drivers that just ignore the rights of cyclists to be on the roads.

Getting to the good news first is the Deseret News report on the arrest of that hit-and-run driver. Man arrested in hit-and-run crash that injured cyclist This was the guy that witnesses say got out of the car and looked at the rider and then left the scene. As I stated before he is extremely lucky that I don’t have a say in his bail or sentencing. I hope he never drives again, and his Beemer gets crushed and sold for scrap to help pay the expenses of the injured cyclist. Word is that the female passenger seen at the wreck will also be charged.

And the bad news on the Chattanooga wreck. Grand Jury Does Not Indict Truck Driver In Bicyclist Death and Safety on Cyclists’ Minds Yes, the cyclists have a lot to think about now that they know that if someone hits them they have no backup from law enforcement. I wonder how hard the prosecutor pushed the facts in this case. What we know from the media accounts: 1. TN has a 3 foot passing law that has a stated minimum required clearance when passing a bicycle. 2. Mr. Meek had an “obnoxiously bright” LED blinky taillight for rear visibility. 3. Mr. Meek was riding legally in his lane when he was hit from behind with the truck. 4. The accident investigator declined to tell jurors that being able to see a bicycle is not a requirement to obeying the law, or that failing to see a cyclist is not an affirmative defense. The prosecutor reportedly did not make this plain to the jurors either. As a result the driver and the company he was driving for skate on all charges. As Grand Jury deliberations are secret we have no idea what if anything was going on inside the heads of the jurors when they were deciding whether or not to indict the driver. So, sorry TN cyclists, in spite of the laws you are on your own against drivers that buzz or kill you. I suggest discarding the law and instead obtaining a LAW with a HEAT warhead as they are recoilless and easy to aim even off balance. Even the sub-caliber training round will take out a car with ease and are much less expensive than the full-size round with the explosive warhead.

More bad news from Iowa as a man gets probation in the killing of a cyclist. Burlington man sentenced in bicycle death No jail and he gets his license back in less than a year. TANJ!

From SC comes news that a cyclist was hit-and-run by an SUV. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run near Oconee Nuclear There isn’t much to go on, a white SUV of unknown make and model with front end damage, At least someone is making the effort.

From Jolly Olde comes a report that a “HGV” was passing too close to a cyclist and may have caused a wreck with injury. Appeal after cyclist injured This is another case where LEO is getting it right, at least so far. With UK media laws it is sometimes hard to tell if the LEO are actually enforcing the laws.

A cyclist is killed outside a pub near Oxford. Cyclist killed in Burcot crash from the comments section it appears the speed limit there is poorly enforced where it is needed most.

A needed reminder that life is often messy, even when it’s good. Enjoy life’s ride through the mud I’m sorry over the author’s loss of his friend, who died because of a motor vehicle.

And from my co-worker in Denver comes a reminder that helmets are not a panacea against having a wreck. Motorcycle safety is the responsibility of the rider, not the nanny state Remember to ride responsibly, and keep a sharp lookout for idiots that want to kill you or who don’t care if they kill you. It’s the same on 2 wheels regardless of the size of the motor or even if there’s a motor.

And that’s all today.

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