Daily Archives: March 28, 2009

Updates and disappointment

More news on the failure of the grand jury to indict the driver for killing a cyclist in Chattanooga, a driver sentenced for killing a cyclist in Ohio, legislation getting stalled in Iowa, and a right cross in Edinburgh. Left out were stories on Matt Lauer and the deer, more on Lance’s broken collarbone, and a kitten that likes to ride in the front basket of its owner’s bicycle.

Getting to the bad news first (well it’s all bad, but some is worse than others), we have two more reports on the David Meek case in Chattanooga. No Indictment In Cyclist Death and Chattanooga: Truck driver not indicted in death of cyclist also No Indictment In David Meek Case, Fatal Bicycle Incident In Chattanooga The comments sections of the articles are interesting, as there is some speculation that the driver was trying to buzz or brush back the cyclist but that the information wasn’t presented to the grand jury.

Some good news from Ohio was they sentenced the drunk driver that killed a cyclist to prison for 4 years. Man sent to prison for 2007 hit-skip Four years for killing a person and leaving him to die. Life is cheap in the United States.

An examination of what bills are going through and what bills are stranded in the Iowa Legislature includes bicycle related bills. Today considered second funnel deadline I still don’t know what happened to their safe-passing law, but I think they said it was one of the dead bills.

The final report we have today is on the right cross wreck of a cyclist in Edinburgh. Edinburgh cyclist injured following hit-and-run “People carrier”, isn’t that a description of any passenger vehicle?

And that’s it.

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