Daily Archives: March 29, 2009

Not too bad today

The Feed was not too bad today, a couple of injury wrecks and a link to where I work at examiner.com. I’m really proud of the link to my work at examiner.com because it validates my decision to work there.

And speaking of that link, every week I like to talk back to my readers about their comments the week before. Responding to comments 03/28/09 Want to get in on the conversation? Just use the “next” and “previous” buttons on the article to find an article you want to argue with me about. Don’t worry I won’t use the home field advantage to edit what you say to make you look like an idiot. You have to do that by yourself. 😉

The first of our wrecks was up there in MI, where a cyclist got hit from behind. Cyclist seriously injured by car The comments section is worth the price, how much did you pay for that article?

Our other wreck was in the same town in South Carolina that we have been having wrecks from all week long. Another bicycle rider hit in Seneca With this many wrecks in just a week one has to ask what is going through drivers’ minds to have 3 cyclists hit from behind. It seems to me that drivers are not passing far enough over, or maybe even hitting cyclists on purpose.

And that’s all for today, keep the proverbial ocular organ pointed in this direction.

Billed @$.02, Opus