Evening update

A couple more reports came in this evening, one from FL and one from the UK, both updates on wrecks previously reported here.

From FL, Ft. Lauderdale comes more information on a SWCC. Lauderdale police ID bicyclist killed on Commercial Boulevard I can’t understand how LEO that would never accept the word of someone alone in a room with a body and a smoking gun would turn around and take as gospel the word of the only surviving witness in a wreck that contradicts the physical evidence. I have had no access to the physical evidence, so I can’t say that is what happened in this case. But I have seen it happen before.

And from the UK the cyclist that was killed in front of a pub was named. Dead cyclist named From the earlier reports on this wreck locals are blaming this on a bad stretch of road with the speed limit set too high for the sightlines. I will concede to local knowledge.

And that’s all for today. more later.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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