Not much to write about today

There wasn’t much useful in the Feed this morning. There was some good news, some bad news and some news that was just news.

The good news was the arrest of a driver who killed a cyclist in Ohio. Man charged in death of bicyclist The visibility at the time of the wreck was reported as around 10 feet, and the cyclist was hit at about 50 MPH in a 50 speed limit. In other words the driver was an idiot who insisted on trying to drive the speed limit when conditions were abysmal. In this case stupidity should be a capital crime.

From Jolly Olde is our bad story, and it isn’t even that bad, as a kid gets hit and slightly hurt. Boy cyclist hurt in Lowestoft crash I’m glad he wasn’t hurt worse than he was, but I’m sorry he was hurt at all.

and in the “just news” category is my report to on the goings on in the TX Lege. Legislation report 03/30/09 Things are not looking good for the vulnerable road users bills.

That’s all I have this morning.

Billed @$02, Opus

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