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It’s a day, and a Feed

Not sure about today, or the Feed. There was a lot of noise in the Feed and there were some strange reports that were not noise, just very strange.

Up first because it was closest to home is a report from Houston. Latest on fire truck wreck victims In case you’re wondering one of the civilian casualties was a bicyclist who was just sitting at a red light when the firetruck rolled over on her. As for how you avoid finding yourself in the same situation, become a psychic. Seriously, that would be the only way you as a cyclist can avoid being crushed by an out of control firetruck while waiting at a red light, knowing that that would be what happened if you rode that day and not riding.

The waste of human skin that hit a cyclist and then got out of the car to see his work and then left the scene in his white BMW is charged. Driver charged in hit-run with cyclist The fact that all they charged him with was misdemeanors and not felonies is insulting to the inherent worth and dignity of the victim. As for how you can avoid this, see the previous paragraph. From this and other reports the cyclist was already taking evasive action and just did not have enough time to get out of the way. It was suspected by some commenters that this was a deliberate act, which would have been impossible to avoid.

A cyclist tried to reverse the old left hook scenario and was hit and seriously injured. Cyclist injured, charged in wreck This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t drink and ride. Alcohol makes you do stupid things like turning in front of oncoming traffic.

And from the UK a cyclist gets hit by a “van” (actually a medium sized truck). Cyclist injured in Falmouth collision Typical UK report except that there was some intimation that the driver was not keeping a good lookout before hitting the cyclist. How you can avoid the same fate is to assume that you are either invisible or that every driver on the road is a homicidal maniac and wants all cyclists dead and ride accordingly.

And that’s all for this morning.

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Late post, then I’m outta here

I had a doctor’s visit today, and didn’t get back until almost 3PM (CDT). Long day and then I had a huge Feed to wade through. MD you aren’t getting a 3 foot passing law, a man that killed one woman and chopped a second in half while drunk also hit a cyclist 3 years ago but was not charged criminally in the wreck with the cyclist. And that is just some of the stuff I didn’t link to in the Feed.

The big story today was from the UK. Coroner records verdict of accidental death on 17-year-old cyclist killed in collision with school bus in Abingdon and from the Beeb Pupil cyclist death ‘accidental’ From my take on this the kid had no idea that the bus was turning and the driver didn’t look. In my book that’s not an “accident”, that’s negligent manslaughter, but until we get people in LEO that acknowledge that motor vehicles are WMDs.

A man is sentenced in the death of a cyclist. Man upset with verdict given to Fort Pierce driver who killed his brother Th defense was trying to make points by calling the cyclist’s legally assisted cycle a “Homemade motorcycle” but the plea bargain takes all that away.

The caught the hit-and-run driver that killed a cyclist in St. Paul. Man charged in accident that killed cyclist in St. Paul I wish they could have made a better charge, but there were only 2 witnesses, one that died and the one that drove away. Apparently in order to charge with manslaughter there has to be a surviving witness other than the perpetrator.

And our final report for the day is another UK story with fortunately a happy ending. Seven-year-old boy is hurt in cycle accident Fortunately it was only a minor injury

And that’s it.

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