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Another huge Feed

It was another huge Feed today with a very high signal to noise ratio (and no dead motorcyclists). There were some interesting stories about dead softball players killed in a brawl and some other folderall that didn’t connect with the mission of this blog. There were also a lot of dead bicyclists.

Up first because of physical and emotional proximity is a report on a recumbent cyclist killed in a left cross. BREAKING NEWS (UPDATED): Man dies after vehicle strikes his bicycle The man died while riding a bicycle very similar to the bike I used to ride. Unfortunately I do not know how to prevent this kind of wreck just from your actions as a cyclist. The cyclist in this case was doing everything right and had no opportunity to avoid the wreck. This was entirely the driver’s fault for not making sure there was nobody in the lane which she was entering. If SB488 passes in TX this will become a jailable offense.

Our only other US article concerns infrastructure in a MA town concerned with not killing its citizens who don’t choose to drive. Commentary: Why redesign Mass. Ave.? I love a good infrastructure article, but then I have always been a “nuts and bolts” kind of person. I like how this article describes the thought processes that wen into the changes made for this street to make it better for pedestrians, cyclists and even for drivers of motor vehicles. One of the things mentioned in the article was how the fire hydrants were relocated into areas that were already no-parking so as to limit the impact of the redesign on parking spaces.

From Jolly Olde comes an interesting story about a man suing for crashing his bike after hitting a pothole. Injured cyclist wins pay-out from West Berkshire Council A parallel could be brought from the Dodge County case in IA where a cyclist was killed by a crash involving a road defect, his survivors sued and the county responded by attempting to ban cyclists from all its roads.

A moderately big story is about a killed cyclist. Cyclist killed in Gerrards Cross named and Police hunt killer driver as cyclist dies on A413 My opinions on hit-and-run are well documented in all my blogs, I don’t think I have to reiterate them here.

This was a weird one. Injured Eastbourne cyclist dies If I can’t die in the throes of esctasy, this would be the next best thing, to just expire while riding my bike in a beautiful place.

Another cyclist dies in mysterious circumstances while riding his bike. Cyclist, 38, died of a rare heart condition Again if you have to go young (too late for me to go young) I can’t think of a better place to go than riding peacefully on a bicycle.

And from Oz comes word that the war against cyclists has reached the murderous stage. Wire booby-traps on bike tracks Just a note of caution, this article sometimes comes up with the wrong headline about another article where authorities are seeking wider wiretap rules to supposedly pursue biker gangs, so don’t think you have the wrong article if the headline doesn’t match.

And that’s the Feed for today.

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