I was putting my effort where my mouth is yesterday

I didn’t make a post yesterday because I was devoting my time and effort to making a charity ride a success. Because of city regulations preventing the placement of temporary directional signs for Tour Dallas there was a need for large numbers of volunteers to act as human signposts to hold the directions at places where there were turns and route splits. I was holding the sign to instruct riders that the 20 and 30 mile routes were about to make a right turn so any 8 mile route riders should move to the left to prevent right hook crashes. I about froze my butt off because there was a drop in temperature that hadn’t been forecast when I checked the weather to determine that I could get by with a pair of shorts and the volunteer T-shirt. Combine that with my state of alertness that comes from rising at 0315 to catch a train 8 miles away at 0430 that I had to ride my bicycle to catch, and well lets just say that by the time I realized I was cold I was turning blue. It was a balmy dry 57 degrees on a forecast high of mid 70s when I left the house, and a windy damp 51 when the last rider came through and we could retire to the staging area.

The Big Story tonight was a person in the UK trying to cross a railroad in front of a train and not making it. Cyclist killed by train on level crossing and Cyclist killed by train and the Beeb said Train kills cyclist on crossing From the combined reports all I can get is the train hit the cyclist, nobody knows how yet, and nobody on the train was injured by hitting the cyclist.

Another story that had more than one report was a college professor getting killed in NC. Elon professor killed in bicycle accident and Elon Professor Dr. Gene Gooch Killed in Accident Apparently this was a hit from behind wreck that is still under investigation, no other information is available. As always to avoid getting hit from behind use a rear view mirror to have warning, keep an eye on your rear view, and leave yourself an escape route in case drivers “don’t see” you.

A memorial run for a fallen triathlete/cyclist in WI. New trail run honors cyclist killed in Racine County This wreck predated the beginning of this version of my blog, and was a very sad and maddening event.

From the chilly state of MI comes an infrastructure story. Royal Oak investigates adding bike lanes How about just slowing down the cars? The cars are the problem, not the stripes on the road surface.

From Jolly Olde comes a story about a young boy orphaned by a hit-and-run driver. Boy orphaned after hit-and-run killed cyclist dad My opinion of hit-and-run has been well documented, but this is just beyond the pale. I hope when they catch this guy they “forget” to take him to the judge or feed him. Say, for 50 or so years…

Also from the UK is a driver charged in the death of a cyclist. Man, 62, on careless driving charge after cyclist’s death Not much to say here, because of UK media laws.

This cyclist looks worse than I did after my wreck. Hit-and-run nanny’s surgery ordeal I’m glad they caught the driver, see my comment above about hit-and-run drivers.

A busy weekend in Oz. Two dead, four injured in separate road crashes so many victims there just wasn’t time or room for details.

And the final result on a cyclist’s death winds up today’s post and the Oz reports. Truckie found guilty of cyclist death If there is justice done in this case will depend a great deal on what sentence is levied in the upcoming hearing.

And that is the Feed for today.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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