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Another late post, The Feed

After spending all day either in the lab rat keeper’s office or on the bus I’m finally home to make a post, and wouldn’t you know it the Feed was very small today, only two reports, one of them an update. Fortunately the signal to noise ratio for bicycle related stories was 1. All today’s reports were bicycle related.

An update on that bike wreck in Lincoln NE. Bicyclist dies after collision with car at 23rd and Q I looked the location of the wreck up on Google maps and while there was a stop sign and stop bar on the opposite side of the road, there was only a stop sign that was kind of twisted katty wampus to the road in the direction the cyclist came from. The sightlines appeared to be good in the street view with no obstructing buildings or vegetation, so everybody should have been able to see what was coming, and there appeared to be good lighting at the corner (but having streetlight fixtures and actually having streetlights in working order are two different things). At this point I can’t say if the rider thought he would get across before the car and either misjudged the car’s speed or had a mechanical and didn’t clear the intersection before the car got there; or if the rider failed to stop at the stop sign. I’m a big believer in the Idaho stop (bicycles treat stop signs as yields) but you have to know when to stop. I’m not saying the rider in this case didn’t stop, if he did then this would be a perfect example for why the Idaho stop is better, because he would have been clear of the intersection when the car got there. And that’s way too many words to say “I don’t know.”

From closer to home is a report on a bike to school day in San Marcos TX, a few days’ ride from here. Bikers seek more bikes more often One correction to the article, riding on the sidewalk is locally controlled and legal in some towns and not legal in others. It’s good to note that keeping the bike in shape is very important for safety and comfort when riding your bike.

And that’s all I got so far today.

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The late Feed, with updates

Another late Feed tonight, with some new and some updated stories.

Updated are these reports on the college professor that was killed in NC. Police identify driver in wreck that killed Elon professor; no charges filed and Elon University, North Carolina Professor killed in bicycle/car accident Is the lawyer’s take on it (hint, one of the first things mentioned in the lawyer’s comments was to wear a helmet). The first report said he was hit from behind by an 80 YO woman driving a Buick.

A Nebraska cyclist is dead and that’s about all I know about it. Lincoln bicyclist killed in traffic near downtown area and the origin for the story with an update Man Killed in Car-Bike Accident From the updated report it seems that the car ran a stop sign and hit the cyclist. I don’t know enough about this wreck to give any advice about how to avoid this kind of wreck.

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