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We have coffee, therefore we have blog post

Yes, there is a direct correlation between creation of a blog post and the presence of coffee. One is required for the other, but the reverse is not true, presence of coffee will not guarantee a blog post, there are other things involved as well, but there will not be a blog post without coffee. Lots of coffee. One of the other things required for a blog post is information. I guess I could make like the infinite monkeys typing on an infinite number of keyboards, but I don’t think anyone would be interested in proofreading the output of that. So before you see a post here, at a bare minimum there are three things needed: 1. Me, 2. Coffee, 3. Something from the Feed. If you are reading this post then you can assume that those minimums have been met. If you are note reading this post, what the heck are you doing?

First up is another SWCC from the cyclist’s death trap town of Chattanooga TN, where killing a cyclist is legal as long as you can say you didn’t see him. Police Say DUI Cyclist Hit by Car Don’t drink and ride your bike. Don’t ride your bike in Chattanooga without audio and video documentation of whether or not the driver saw you. LEO there don’t care if cyclists live or die.

A warning on ignoring maintenance of an assisted bicycle, especially the kind with front wheel hub motors. Motorized bicyclist’s injury leads to Medflight to Lee County Hospital For those of you not familiar, breaking the fork dropouts is a common failure mode for front wheel hubmotors. This can be avoided by routine inspection of the mounting of the hubmotor to insure that the axle is not rotating in the dropout, which will lead to the eventual failure of the dropout. This can also be prevented by use of a torquearm to restrain the axle from rotating. Breaking a dropout causes the front wheel to separate from the bicycle, with predictable results. I am a firm supporter of assisted bicycles, but like any mechanical device they have their own maintenance issues that must be dealt with to be safe. A regular bicycle is no different in that regard, and neither is a car.

A cyclist injured in OR is recovering from her crash. Injured cyclist gratefully makes strides in her recovery “She darted out within feet of me, and she kept coming,” Davis told police, according to the report. “I swerved and drove while hitting my brakes.” His wife, Melanie Davis, was talking to the couple’s two children in the back seat and did not see the collision, the report says. Melanie Davis said her daughter “saw the bicyclist ride in front of their vehicle from the right. When she saw the bicyclist coming, she screamed and her dad swerved to the right.”So when something is coming from the right, you just swerve into it? And even in a state like Oregon where bicyclists are a major share of road trips in urban areas, the cyclist is at fault for getting hit from behind. TANJ!

And that’s all I had today.

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