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A mixed bag this morning, the Feed

It was a decidedly mixed Feed this morning. No dead motorcyclists, but a bunch of weirdos and wackos out there, many of them behind the wheels of cars and trucks.

Speaking of weirdos and wackos, someone hit-and-run a cyclist over on Long Island. Cops ID bicyclist killed in Copiague hit-run The headline says he died, but the body of the article says he is in critical condition in a hospital. Either way, someone hit him with a motor vehicle and left him to die like an animal in the street. Nothing on the modality of the wreck, so nothing to tell you on how to avoid it.

This was a busy week for lawyers in OR who handle bicycle wreck lawsuits. Bend cyclist’s wife files $1.6M suit in crash, OR and Family of boy killed by TriMet bus reaches settlement The driver in the Bend case was chasing his girlfriend when he hit the cyclist at speeds in excess of the speed limit, but wasn’t criminally charged. I doubt he will fare as well in civil courts. In the Austin Miller case the bus driver merged into a bike lane and hit the cyclist and was also not charged criminally but the driver and the bus company had to pay at the limits of liability for a governmental or quasi-governmental body, which tells me the driver skated. The comments section on the Austin Miller article is a disgrace.

From India a speeding truck hits 5 cyclists and kills 4 on the spot leaving the 5th in critical condition, and then leaves the scene. Speeding truck mows down four cyclists The driver is lucky to be in police custody as the relatives of killed cyclists in India are known to extract Justice with the business end of a farm implement applied repeatedly to the head of the perpetrator until resistance ceases. Whether that resistance is the perpetrator flailing about or the resistance of the skull to being broken, well whichever comes first.

From Oz, a 10 YO is killed with a car while riding his bicycle. Cyclist, 10, killed in crash with car No word yet on how that happened.

And still “Down Undah” but from Enn Zed is the final report on a car v bicycle wreck that happened during a race. Injured cyclist says driver lucky to escape charge While I don’t agree with the verdict, it is what it is and there will be no changing it.

And that’s all there is this morning.

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