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The Good, the Bad, and the Feed

For those of you not familiar with the entomology of that headline, Sergio likes spaghetti with Clint when he’s out west. We have some crazy drivers as determined by a court of law today, some crazy cyclists, and some insane reporting. Reminds me of the Cheshire Cat, “I’m mad, he’s mad, we’re all mad here. If you’re here you must be mad, too.”

Getting to the legally crazy person first. Clinton Street road rager found guilty except for insanity What I don’t understand is why they ever let this guy have a license in the first place, having been judged insane when he was 23 and then getting a lobotomy when he was 25, the guy is even more brain damaged than I am. And they gave him control over a multi-ton WMD disguised as transportation. I think he is not the only crazy one. At least in this case if he is ever caught behind the wheel of a motor vehicle he will spend the rest of his life incarcerated, probably in some kind of mental institution. That’s OK as long as he is off the streets and away from cars.

The really “Big Story” was the report that 21% of bicyclists killed in NYC were drunk. Who’s at Risk From Drunk Cyclists? and City: 1/5 of Killed Cyclists Were Drinking; Few Helmeted Riders Die and the report that started it all Study Links Alcohol and Bicycle Deaths The 21% came from the 18 of 84 cyclists found to have detectable amounts of ethanol in their systems who died within 3 hours of their wrecks. No levels were given, just that there was a detectable level of alcohol, some could have been drunk (.08%) some could have had a shot of cold medicine before riding, and some could have been in that small minority of the population whose intestinal flora produce enough alcohol to create a permanent state of BAC less than .01% but greater than nothing. And noting that the ratio of helmeted to helmetless cyclists means nothing unless the ratio is known for cyclists that don’t get hit. Obviously if the ratio is extremely high then helemtless cyclists take more risks so die at a higher rate. Also there was no mention of if the 3% of helmeted cyclists died of head injury at any lower rate than the helmetless cyclists. Methodology is everything, correlation is not causation. To show that I use the example of the Flying Spaghetti Monster cult: there is an inverse correlation between levels of piracy in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, and global warming, therefore to reverse global warming we need to have more Pirates of the Caribbean. Arrr.

Another report on the Austin Miller lawsuit. Family Of Biker Killed By Bus Gets $200,000 The family got the maximum allowed by law because the driver of the bus saw Austin in the bike lane and failed to avoid him, it’s as simple as that.

A cyclist in NC shares his thoughts on the death of college professor killed in a hit from behind. Column: To remember Elon professor, share the road The writer describes the numerous assaults he has been on the receiving end of, and his initial thoughts on the possibility of a distracted or angry driver killing another cyclist, and his anguish over the senseless death.

More on the UK cyclist killed by a cement truck. Cyclist killed in lorry tragedy and Woman cyclist crushed to death by lorry as she turns corner Not much I can add here except that big trucks like cement mixers have huge blind spots and even when they have mirrors to prevent those the driver has to be looking at the mirror at the time you can be seen in the mirror.

Also from Jolly Olde is a tribute to a fallen brother. Tributes to cyclist, 78, who died after collision They still don’t know how he got hit, not even the driver of the vehicle that hit him.

And that’s all for now, more later. There will always be more dead and injured cyclists later.

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