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And on the holiest day of the Christian liturgical calendar, more dead cyclists

First of all, Happy Easter to all my Christian readers. And I guess I should have wished my Jewish readers Happy Passover and set a virtual seder last Wednesday, so as not to discriminate. Really I love all my readers equally, regardless of race, creed, or political views. Except you Wall Street types that tanked the economy, enjoy your bike rides because if I had my way that would be how you got around permanently from the cardboard boxes under bridges that would be your new homes.

The Big Story today, as well as the saddest one, is the death of the woman crushed under a 40 ton firetruck almost 2 weeks ago. Bicyclist injured in crash of fire trucks dies and Bicyclist injured in HFD accident dies The wreck was a cruel accident in that neither firetruck knew the other was in the area until they collided, the cyclist was waiting for one of the firetrucks to clear the intersection she was waiting at, and the cyclist was literally crushed by 80,000 pounds of firetruck falling on her as the truck flipped on its side. But that didn’t keep one idiot in the comments section from asking if she was wearing a helmet. And the cruelest part of all was they were trying to get to a false alarm caused by smoke from a sewer leak test in the area.

An editorial from Knoxville TN following the death of a cyclist hit in the bike lane. Bicyclists deserve respect, room And the idiots somehow always seem to find their computers first, implying and making direct comments that bicycles shouldn’t be on the roads. I didn’t see the initial report referred to in the article, so I can’t help you in avoiding the same kind of wreck except to avoid riding a bicycle in the state of TN. Seriously, LEO are nuts there and refuse to enforce laws that protect cyclists, just don’t ride. And don’t spend any money there either, their sales tax is almost 10% on top of their income tax, they get you coming and going.

Riders wax lyrical about the joys of riding in Jamaica. Weekend warriors It can be a little warm there, but never as hot as Houston or Wichita Falls. The Poet says if you get the chance go for it.

A cyclist is found with a busted skull and no sign of how he got it in this report from the UK. Darwen cyclist seriously injured They found the guy with a busted skull and beyond that no clues as to what happened, and I’m supposed to tell you how to avoid that? Don’t drink and ride?

And that’s all I got.

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