More stuff happened, and Yehuda Moon has ceased new comics

Yes, Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery has stopped updating for the foreseeable future. The lamentations of disbelief at the web site have extended for 3 pages. I’m half tempted to say, “Get a life, it’s a comic strip” except I feel the same way. After 15 months it’s like losing a family member.

Returning to the Real World for a while, a writer (?) for a college paper makes a terroristic threat against bicyclists and gets called for it, repeatedly. Bicyclists need to stay on sidewalk Umm, yeah Zack, you need to make sure you never even come close to hitting a cyclist for the rest of your miserable life, because even if you think you were joking, the prosecutor won’t be. And FYI riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is illegal in MI. And I don’t think people are going to stop with breaking your head and tail lights out or keying your car either. I think you need to see about getting a volume discount at an auto glass replacement store, I hear windshields are expensive. Not to mention side windows and mirrors

And in the “What were they thinking?” department, a woman passes a school bus with the flag out and all the blinking lights going and kills a kid getting off the bus. Woman gets probation in death of teen at bus stop No bicycles involved, just an illustration of the value placed on human life not protected by a motor vehicle (hey, if he was important he would have been driving himself or have been driven by somebody else instead of riding the bus).

A note from Oregon on why you should never trust a car will stop. Economist’s Notebook: Game Theory and Stop Signs Note the cost/benefit matrix at the bottom of the article and substitute a -1 for the -10 cost for a car (either side of the matrix) compared to a bicycle, and a -100 for the -10 for a bicyclist. You get killed, the car gets minor damage.

It seems like there are a lot of people that have opinions that are given too much credence. New Jersey’s three-foot bicycle buffer bill leaves us spinning I’ll give you a hint, 3 feet is not that hard to judge and probably closer than you would pass another car on the roads. The law would be most useful in cases where cyclists are “buzzed” to “teach them a lesson” and run off the road. I think many of the commenters to the article want to be able to “buzz” cyclists without fear of coming afoul of the law.

There’s just not a lot I can say about this one. Canton man killed in bicycle accident This is the kind of wreck that wearing a helmet could have made a difference. Notice that there were no other vehicles involved in this wreck.

From the UK comes another bike wreck that has parts of the “5 Ws” missing by law. Injured cyclist airlifted to hospital “Nothing to see here, keep moving.”

And a good story about cycling from Jolly Olde, but it could have happened anywhere. Mugger foiled by cyclist £500 is little enough for your services, but thanks anyways.

And that’s it for today, maybe more later.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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