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The Quick, the Dead, and the Slow

That’s kind of an obscure reference to an old book in the headline, and the book title was a reference to a Bible verse. There, now I have given you some homework which will expand your horizons. To make your search a bit easier the book title was The Quick and the Dead.

Let’s get started with The Slow. WJJO begins airing pro-cycling spots As to why they are airing PSAs you have to refer to the earlier article on the subject Cyclists’ outrage touches a raw nerve at WJJO Yes, making fun of killing cyclists tends to draw outrage from some people, like survivors of motor vehicle assaults. You might as well try to create humor about people that survive rapes with attempted murder, I understand those people are kind of touchy on that subject, too. As a survivor of assault with a motor vehicle I know I’m “touchy” about making humor on the subject.

A member of the Quick subset asks about a wreck she saw but sae no news coverage of. Update on injured bicyclist Tuesday a.m.? This person deserves placement in the Quick subset because of her concern and compassion for her fellow human beings.

Closer to home, another Austin cyclist gets hit-and-run. WATCH: Cyclist survives hit and run accident Comments are as usual pretty worthless. As for how you can avoid, use a rear view mirror and keep a close eye on it, about 40% of your attention should be on your six when between intersections. Have an escape route and be prepared to use it. Wear a helmet, and make sure the chin strap is fastened. Bike helmets don’t provide much protection but they are no protection at all when they aren’t on your head, so keep the strap buckled.

A bill pending in CO attracts some controversy. Bill to give cyclists more room on the road nears final votes As usual the comments section someone drags out the tired argument that cyclists don’t pay for the roads, well guess what neither do car drivers. Taxes pay for the roads, mostly from the general fund. gas taxes only pay a small amount for roads that aren’t Interstate Highways.

And a good news report on a wounded veteran getting a bike adapted to his injuries. Injured veteran gets some very special wheels I always like reports on good things happening to wounded vets. Left handed shifting is a problem with modern equipment. Some models of equipment can only be shifted with the right hand unless specially modified controls are used, controls that sometimes cost as much as the entire rest of the bicycle they are installed on.

And that’s all today, I have to go to more Government meetings. And in case you were wondering there were no actual dead cyclists in today’s post.

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Pastafarians need a cycling jersey

I was looking up my stats like I do every day, and I found a search term that has been right near the top of the list for over a month now, with an average of 2 hits a day using this string: “flying spaghetti monster cycling jersey”.

To which I say, “Hell yes!” What better deity for cyclists than sentient pasta? We live and die by complex carbohydrates and I can’t think of a better masculine deity than the FSM. For those not informed we already have a pre-roman mountain goddess to act as our feminine deity, the Lady Ghisallo.

For those who say the FSM is a made-up deity with no basis in the “real” world I say, “Yeah, so?” The existence/non-existence of a deity is unprovable as a matter of scientific fact, so why not believe? As theologies go the FSM has one of the least objectionable ones in existence with a complete ban on proselytizing and other rude practices. That’s because it was created by an engineer, a person who deals in logic. Where any faith is required it also requires compassion and comes right out and says there will be no further “enlightenment” forthcoming so if you hear voices telling you the FSM wants you to do something it’s either mental illness or advanced technology. That’s so cool, “I have already said everything I need to tell you, so if anyone tells you they got the word directly from Me they are nuts and can be ignored.”

So if anyone decides to make a FSM cycling jersey, send me one and a link to where others can buy it, and I’ll help promote it.

PSA, Opus

Huge Feed with abnormally high signal to noise means this is going to take a while

The Feed was huge today, with only one dead motorcyclist so lots and lots of articles to link and report on. Unfortunately that also means lots and lots of dead and injured bicyclists as well. Some of these are going to be updates, but some are new.

Starting off with one of the new ones, I heard about this on the Kim West Radio Cycling show episode 51 Sunday, but an actual linkable article with text and pictures has just now made itself known to me. The podcast has an actual eyewitness report, I’m not sure about the website article’s provenance. Injured Bicyclist Still Recovering Hit from behind by someone that was trying to hit him and he was taking his escape route. You couldn’t have avoided this one either even if you had the off-road skills of Tinker Juarez. The fact that all that happened to the driver in this case was a ticket when he should have been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, well TANJ!

What has to be the stupidest driver in the entire state of FL shoots a cyclist 4 times in the back before escaping in dark colored SUV. Bicyclist shot and killed in Dade City Dude, you had the perfect murder weapon with the perfect victim An SUV and a bicyclist. All you had to do was hit him and claim he jumped out on front of you too close for you to stop, LEO lap that kind of stuff up! But you had to shoot the guy 4 times in the back with a pistol, not smart. You will be found and you will get put down like a bad dog. The only question I have about the article is the victim’s name was Andy Simonds, but the picture was a guy named Charles Simonds, what gives?

An update on the cyclist killed when he hit a sewer pipe sticking out of the ground. Bicyclist found in street died of broken neck And someone posted in the comments he would have survived had he been wearing a helmet. Ha! There is no helmet in the world that can do that. Stuff happens sometimes, and there is just nothing you can do about it.

And another one gets away with manslaughter if not murder in DE. No charges filed in crash that killed Elkton bicyclist I just don’t get it, he loses control of a WMD and he gets – nothing? Not even a ticket? He killed a man and he doesn’t even get a citation for some kind of driving violation? He left the road and killed a man with his car!

And going back to FL, a driver hits 2 cyclists in the bike lane, killing one. Bicyclist Killed on Old St. Augustine Road Again cyclists are hit, and killed or injured doing what they are supposed to do where they are supposed to be by law, and what happens? Nothing so far. There may be something charged later, but we know nothing right now.

Another mis-informed rant about the Idaho stop bill pending in the OR legislature. Rules of the road For those not familiar with the proposed legislation it is modeled on the Idaho law that permits cyclists to treat stop signs as yields, and proceed when there is no oncoming traffic, or stop when there was oncoming traffic. Idaho has had this law in effect for 27 years and has had a statistically insignificant reduction in cycling fatalities compared to neighboring Oregon, not an increase. You can verify this by looking up the Oregon BTA web site and following the links there to the supporting information about the Idaho stop-as-yield law.

Also from OR is an article on making cycling safer for everybody. “Bicycle safety is a 2-way street” It all makes sense and is true, left out is that when a driver screws up and hits a cyclist, the cyclist gets injured or dies, but when a cyclist screws up and hits a car, the cyclist gets injured or dies. Just remember that, and always try to make suer you’re not the one getting injured or dieing.

A story on a WI bike wreck that has almost as much information as a typical UK report, and you know how I feel about UK wreck reports because of their media laws. Memorial Held for Local Teen Killed in Bicycle Crash To sum it all up, the kid was hit with a car while riding his bike, no word on how, where, the name of the driver, the make and color of the car, or anything about lane position and direction of travel of either vehicle.

Someone has started to pay attention to the facts that riders that jump the red light to make a left turn (right in the US) are a statistically insignificant part of the cyclists killed at intersections by trucks turning left (right). London mayor Boris Johnson wants legal left turn for cyclists at red lights This is another case of people letting feelings instead of facts they don’t like decide issues. The facts are that female cyclists tend to not jump the red and turn left, male cyclists do, and the vast majority of those killed at intersections are women getting hit by large trucks. The ratios are so skewed towards women getting killed, that you would think that there are 5 times as many women cyclists as men when in fact there are about 3 men cycling for every female.

And speaking of women killed by left-turning large trucks, Tributes to cyclist killed at Elephant & Castle This is an update to a report from a couple of days ago.

And a mystery wreck, all they have is a severely injured cyclist laying in the road. Family keep vigil on injured Darwen cyclist The only mechanical defect on the bike was a flat rear tire, and it didn’t appear to be the result of a collision. If it was a collision it was just about the most gentle collision it could have been and still fracture the guy’s skull and break his neck.

In an unusual wreck, a motorcyclist hit-and-runs against a bicyclist. Cyclist badly injured in hit-and-run One of the things that makes this so unusual is the motorcycle did not go down as well. Usually when someone on a motorcycle hits a bicycle (or any other kind of vehicle for that matter) the motorcycle goes down and the rider gets to make a close examination of the condition of the road surface. That didn’t happen in this case.

Last story is another Bike Vs Truck in the Indian Sub-continent. Cyclist killed in road accident Hit-and-run, but the police found the driver and had him in custody before the victim’s body was cold. You have to admire that kind of efficiency in LEO, now if they could just find a 6’2″ man toting a kidney machine around who masterminded the worst terrorist attack on US soil in history…

And that’s all I got for you today, and tonight.

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