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A very Feedy Feed

A “Feedy Feed”? Well it was better than calling it “The dog’s breakfast” because there were no common threads, except of a story about a wreck in the UK that had 2 reports, and a whole lot of reports that were incomplete for one reason or another. And most of these reports came from US media outlets, not UK. Time to roll up the sleeves on the shirt I’m not wearing and get to it.

A report from CA that reads more like UK. Injured cyclist airlifted from Tilden Park in Berkeley Head injury, no mention of if it was a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, and a vague wreck location. Wow these guys could give UK reporters lessons on withholding information from the public. No mention of a helmet, and the Murky just loves to tell us every time a cyclist gets a scratch when not wearing a helmet so I’m going to say that he was wearing a helmet and had a wreck the exceeded the limits of the helmet.

And FL has killed another cyclist. I have lost count, are they ahead or behind the 1 per week pace? Pedestrian, bicyclist killed in separate accidents west of Boca Raton The pedestrian was hit from behind by a turning car at an intersection, and the cyclist was hit from behind by a car in an intersection. I think maybe FL needs to do a better job of screening drivers for vision problems, or maybe stop handing out licenses like they were party favors if the recipients had the proper identification.

IA cyclists are getting fed up with LEO not enforcing the law (you know the first 2 letters in the acronym?) when cyclists are hit, as the driver that hit-and-run a cyclist over the weekend was given a ticket for improper passing. Cyclists Ride For New Safety Rules From reading the comments section many cyclists would be more than happy to just get cops to enforce the existing laws. New laws would just be something else to ignore.

Speaking of new laws to ignore. Three feet for bikes?: Bloggers on the bicycle buffer law As I said in the previous paragraph, another law for LEO to ignore. AZ has a 3 foot law that drivers don’t even get a ticket for when they hit a cyclist in the bike lane, and don’t get me started on the lack of enforcement on the TN version. That was the one I wrote an entire post about the failure to enforce as the local LEO decided that failing to see a cyclist was an affirmative defense.

And if you wade through the minutiae long enough you can find a bicycle crime in PA. Thursday’s Sentinel police log I don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to actually read the entire article… I know, I’m mean sometimes.

The first of our UK stories is that double report on a cyclist hit by a van. Cyclist killed in crash with van and Cyclist killed in a car crash in village Well it was a silver Vauxhall Vivaro van, and the cyclist died. That’s all you get to know.

And a totally misleading headline on this report from Scotland. Call to let cyclists ignore red lights What the proposal would allow is the UK equivalent of a right on red after stop. Stop, yield to pedestrian traffic and then go if clear. The reason this is being proposed is because of a study that showed waiting at red lights was more dangerous than checking for traffic and then going. A large number of people were getting (and still are getting) killed at intersections by heavy trucks, but there was a statistical anomaly, most of the victims are women, with very few men getting killed in this way. Scientists used the CCTV footage of intersections and noticed that male cyclists tended to look to see if the way was clear and then go while female cyclists would wait until the light changed before starting back up. well this perfectly logical behavior on the part of the female cyclists is getting them killed at a rate more than 4 times their share of bike traffic as large trucks run them over. The proposal would be to allow this safer behavior to be legal

And that’s all I have from the Web. More later maybe.

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