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Another huge Feed, but few deaths

Yes we had another huge Feed to wade through here at the sprawling PoetCo headquarters (we have an entire garage devoted to bicycle parking, and old furniture). But aside from updates to earlier stories there were almost no dead cyclists (maybe one, I’ll know after I go back and arrange things for today’s post).

I don’t think this cyclist died, but he sure isn’t feeling too good. Police Search For Driver Who Ran Over Cyclist Green VW missing right front headlight, front bumper, and grill, that shouldn’t be too hard to find. Then it should be crushed, after all it was used as a weapon during the commission of a crime, and all such weapons are to be destroyed as a matter of law, right?

IA cyclists rally for legal protection on the roads. Bicyclists to rally at State Capitol Cyclists are rallying to support a bill that would require cars to give a 5 foot buffer to cyclists on the roads, as well as provide enhanced penalties for tailgating and set minimum fines for hitting cyclists. Dead cyclists are worth $1000 BTW, live but injured ones are worth $500.

The city of Sacramento debates what it will need to have a cycling culture. A bicycling culture First of all, it will take a lot of work. Then it will take some work, and after that…Well I think you get the idea.

Update on the woman killed at the Elephant and Castle in London. Meryem Ozekman: tributes to “one in a million” mum killed in Elephant & Castle cycle collision Serious topic, but London has some danged silly street names.

I don’t remember reporting on the initial wreck (I read so many wreck articles from the UK that have so little information that most just don’t stick) but here’s an update on an earlier wreck. Tributes paid to cyclist who died in Tardebigge Yes I hate reading about dead cyclists days or weeks after the crash. And I hate UK reports that give little to no information about a wreck.

It seems to be a consistent pattern that UK cycling deaths involve a truck of some kind, this wreck is no exception. CYCLIST IN FATAL COLLISION NAMED Is there something that makes bicycles invisible to truck drivers? Particularly in the UK, why do so many fatal bicycle wrecks involve trucks?

And a guy riding a bike was hit by a guy driving a car, film sometime next year. Mountain bike rider seriously injured in collision with car

And a cyclist that was found on the road with a flattened back tire and a broken skull begins to emerge from an induced coma. Injured Darwen cyclist wakes up in hospital At this point nobody knows if there was another vehicle involved in the wreck, that might have hit the cyclist without hitting the bike except to flatten the tire, or if some debris or road defect might have flattened the tire and caused the wreck, or a combination of the two.

Another reason not to ride through puddles. Badly-injured cyclist falls victim to pothole Will you look at that face? I like that drivers and cyclists who suffer damages as a result of faulty roads can sue the responsible jurisdiction for recovery. Here in the US it takes gross negligence on the part of a responsible jurisdiction before action can be taken, but usually there are criminal charges filed before action is taken on recovery of damages from faulty or defective roads. The usual dodge is “sovereign immunity” which even the UK doesn’t acknowledge anymore.

And our final item is from the island of Malta. Woman cyclist seriously injured Yep, you can definitely tell that Malta’s laws are based on UK laws. Aside from the fact that someone was injured there is absolutely nothing in the report aside from police are investigating. Not even anything about another vehicle.

And that’s all I got today.

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