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Thud, Thud, Thud, Pt XXL

Yes those hits just won’t stop coming, the hits where cars kill cyclists. The dead and the injured cyclists are legion, and the Law Enforcement response is underwhelming at best. It is best that I not dwell on it and get to reporting, or I will go (more) insane.

Up first is two reports on a fatality with little response from LEO. Bicyclist killed on Highway 14 near Brooklyn and Authorities: Bicyclist Killed In Crash On Highway 14 Not much information is being released considering they spent 3 1/2 hours investigating the crime scene.

Another deadly wreck with an underwhelming LEO response. Bicyclist killed in collision; no charges, Joyner known around EC as ‘Cat Man’ The cyclist had all the legally required equipment and was hit from behind by a driver not paying attention to where she was going and also driving too fast for conditions, but hey, it was just a dummy riding a bike, no harm done. And no harm, no ticket.

A crash report on a senior cyclist’s wreck. Elderly Bicyclist Killed In Crash “Overturned his bicycle”? And he died of head injuries despite wearing a helmet.

A rather large and detailed article about the problems with bikes mixing with cars in Chi-town and almost 300 comments from people that either did not read the article or had selective comprehension of what they read. Chicago bicyclists face daily perils on crowded streets The people making the negative comments don’t seem to realize that they are a big part of the problem for cyclists. The streets in Chicago were designed for cyclists and then taken over by cars and there ain’t enough room for cars.

Tucson held a bike to work day. Bike 2 Work fair honors 2 commuters, 2 advocates What would really honor these people would be writing tickets to drivers that kill cyclists. I can’t believe the number of wrecks that the drivers get away with murder and don’t even get a ticket in the state of AZ, that are listed in the pages of . Tucson Bike Lawyer You know there have to be more than just the ones that Eric knows about.

And finally from the UK is a testimony to a life well-lived but cut short. FAMILY TRIBUTE TO KILLED CYCLIST This is an update to a story I reported on a few days ago.

And that’s it, I have church stuff to do tonight so this is all you will get today, better read it twice and click on all the links. >:)

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