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More US-Centric news about cyclists

There were no dead cyclists in today’s Feed, although one of them might as well be dead in the condition he’s in. There were some things that were just “out there”.

Starting out with the “out there”. Bicyclist Injured In Baseball-Bat Attack I guess it’s time to call for baseball bat control? I have a better idea, how about stupid violent self-entitled people control? I would sentence the perpetrator of this violent attack to never be able to accept a ride in a motor vehicle again as long as he lived, even if required to save his life. Having a heart attack and need an ambulance? Sorry dude, but you lost your privilege to use any form of motorized transportation when you used one to commit an assault. If you can walk or be dragged to a hospital then you can be treated.

Another report on the teen hit by 2 cars. Teen bicyclist injured in late night crash Apparently there is more to this story than is being placed on the web. There is nothing from the web reports that would warrant charging the victim.

Another driver gets charged for hitting a cyclist. Bicyclist Critically Injured by Driver It figures it’s Vermont, they let gays marry there so it just bears witness that they would actually have the gall to bring charges against a sweet little girl that ran someone down from behind. What is the HTML code for having your tongue so firmly in your cheek that your eyes are crossed?

Another NoCal cyclist is injured in another hit-and-run. Bay Area competitive cyclist injured in hit-and-run Someone else that deserves to get thrown in a hole and buried.

And finally some relatively good news for the family of a cyclist that was pretty much rendered a vegetable after hitting a road defect. Brain-injured Seattle bicyclist gets $3.5 Million The guy is dependent on 24 hour care to survive in spite of wearing a helmet at the time of his wreck, it seems like they should also be suing the helmet manufacturer.

And that’s all I have today.

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Another all-US Feed

All the reports tonight came from the US, unfortunately. Almost all the reports were new information.

A double report on a wreck that sounds like a no-brainer as far as fault is concerned. Bicyclist struck and killed in Virginia Beach and Police identify bicyclist killed in VB What I don’t understand about this is the cyclist was struck from behind by the SUV, and they haven’t determined who was at fault yet? C’mon LEO, grow a pair and treat this like 2 vehicles, the one in front has the right of way, the one in back has the responsibility not to hit the one in front.

In an update on a story reported at length here earlier the final report of a bike v truck wreck. Police: Cyclist in truck’s path before fatal accident I’m dubious of this report, because the final finding has the cyclist several feet from where witnesses initially reported it to be, in the right turn lane as opposed to the sidewalk. The cyclist’s daughters reported that he was using his adult tricycle as a wheelchair on the sidewalk, but the police had him riding on the road, and witnesses at the scene also reported that he was on the sidewalk. So why did LEO decide he was in the street? There was a bicycle tire track in the sand in the gutter, no word if the track matched the tread pattern of the back tires on the tricycle, specifically the right rear tire which would have been the only tire that could have made a track in the sand in the gutter. This stinks to high heaven, multiple witnesses placed the cyclist on the sidewalk at the time the light changed, not the street. This means that legally the cyclist was a pedestrian in the crosswalk when he was hit which would have made the driver at fault, but “finding” that tire track makes the cyclist at fault for going straight from a right turn lane.

A hit-and-run driver is arrested in LA. Suspect Held In Hit-And-Run That Killed Bicyclist My opinion of any hit-and-run driver is well documented, square that when the driver kills. That means dig a hole, then dig another hole at the bottom of the first hole, throw the driver in the second hole them fill the first hole with concrete. Then let the driver dig his way out with his bare hands.

A teenager is injured trying to cross the road on a bicycle. Teen cyclist struck twice while crossing busy road Why was there discussion about crosswalks when bicycles are vehicles? was the cyclist not actually in an intersection? Was traffic backed up into the intersection and the cyclist trying to cross as a vehicle? There was way too little information given in this report.

I keep saying that FL is killing people at an alarming rate, and now the media in FL has noticed it. Bike accidents: Palm Beach County pushes bike safety And apparently local government has started to pay attention as well. One thing that is desperately needed is education since so many fatalities are due to riding against traffic, and by drivers that don’t know that bicycles are vehicles with full rights to the roads.

And that’s all I have tonight, sorry for being late but I was on a bike ride 😉

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