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Dead cyclists, and a big mess, with updates

We had dead cyclists, we had injured cyclists, and we had a big mess, some of the reports are updates, and at least one of the drivers involved was a total waste of human skin.

Getting to the dead cyclist in the big mess first, a cyclist crossing in the crosswalk with the green light was killed by a red light runner in a F250. Cyclist dies after truck runs red light and hits him and Bicyclist injured in traffic accident dies Interesting that LEO are not releasing the name of the waste of human skin that killed the cyclist, given the lynch mob forming online in the comments sections of both articles.

In an update of a story reported on here earlier, a MA teenager is charged in the injury (life-threatening injuries) of a VT man. Teen charged in crash with cyclist She was playing with her GPS looking for a place to eat when she hit the man, and her boyfriend was a passenger in the car. What a “maroon” to quote a certain Bunny. Make the passenger use the GPS to find a place to eat so the driver can pay attention to the road and not hit something or somebody.

Another waste of skin in a Honda severely injures a cyclist and then leaves the scene. Cyclist hurt in hit-and-run crash Tan Honda driver beware, people are looking for you with pitchforks and torches. And probably big hammers and crowbars, too.

And another cyclist is hit by a car and they blame his “dark clothing”. Bicyclist injured in pre-dawn accident Interesting that one of the comments was that the cyclist always wore a reflective vest or jacket but the official report makes specific mention that he had no reflective gear on. Did the driver remove and discard the reflective gear, or was that someone else?

And another victim of DWS (Driving While Stupid). Bicyclist, 12, injured after driver is blinded by sun I admit I have almost gone through an intersection where the sun was behind the traffic control and I couldn’t tell if it was red or green, but I was also looking both ways and stopped when there was a car coming. This guy could have used his hand to shade his eyes and check for traffic crossing the intersection. There is really no excuse for this kind of wreck, it is pure impatience and “me, me, me” greed that causes this. Take her vehicle and sell it to pay for treating the little girl’s injuries.

And finally another report on the hit-and-run against 2 cyclists in San Jose CA. Promising Cyclist Injured by Hit and Run Driver Silver late model BMW with a broken passenger side mirror, shouldn’t be too hard to find, even in San Jose. I didn’t know from earlier reports that there were 2 cyclists hit with only one seriously injured.

And that’s the whole mess for today. I have things to do and won’t be able to do a late report.

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Late Feed

There were a lot of reports in the late Feed, but not many stories. One killed cyclist in WI had 4 reports (must have been a slow news day in Wisconsin), plus reports on a DUI assault, a hit and run in LA CA (2 reports), and an update on the cyclist hit from behind in VA.

Getting to the really big story first a man riding on the sidewalk loses control and falls into traffic. Bicyclist struck and killed and Bicyclist struck, killed in Green Bay and Bicyclist Killed By Van and finally with comments Bicyclist killed in collision with minivan on Webster Avenue Don’t ride on sidewalks. And “stuff” happens.

From LA comes a story of an assault with a motor vehicle. Bicyclist killed in Echo Park and 44-year-old man fatally hit in Echo Park I don’t care that the driver was Mexican, or whatever his nationality, I care that he was drunk and killed a cyclist. As for how you can avoid the same fate, check six and leave yourself an escape route.

Another killer drunk driver in NC. Bicyclist killed, driver charged with DWI No mention of the mode of the wreck except that it seems the cyclist was hit from behind, which means watch your six o’clock for bogeys, and be ready to bail. And if the guy really was drunk and killed the cyclist he should spend the rest of his life riding a bicycle for transportation.

And another report on the man killed by a woman driving a Ford Explorer. Bicyclist, driver killed in separate accidents in Va. Beach I still don’t see why they haven’t put this woman in jail yet. In the second wreck it appears the woman driving the Honda thought she was at a 4 way stop and the other driver had to stop also.

And that’s all for tonight.

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