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Late again, and a pretty big Feed

Today’s Feed was pretty big, with a very high signal to noise ratio, so we have lots of reports for you. There was only one dead motorcyclist but no pictures (yay! for no pictures of the dead motorcyclist).

Starting out closest to home was this report on the funeral for the cyclist that was crushed by an overturned fire truck in Houston. Cyclist killed in fire truck accident laid to rest RIP

Why you should never ride a bike on and off a sidewalk. Cyclist injured in accident Not much to say here except stay on the roads and ride like a vehicle.

And they got another cyclist in SLC. Springtime is crash time Apparently warm weather causes drivers to lose their minds in Utah, and cyclists pay the price. All of the cyclists hit in the recent spate of wrecks were in legal lane placement and direction, as were the pedestrians.

Speaking of Salt Lake, here is another report on the red light runner that killed a cyclist Monday. Bicyclist Hit And Killed Note from the description of the wreck that the cyclist was almost all the way across the street when the pickup truck ran the red light.

Another report on the 2 cyclists killed in WI early this week and late last week. Cyclist killed in Green Bay Yeah, I covered these wrecks already, but it’s good to get a reminder to not ride on the sidewalk, or ride into the street unexpectedly..

A memorial for a cyclist killed last year in Chicago. Family Remembers Killed Bicyclist After more than 2000 reports since last year I have no idea how this cyclist died, but the standard admonishments always apply: Head on a swivel especially at intersections, watch your six when between intersections, and always leave yourself an escape route. You’re actually pretty safe between intersections, which are the real death traps.

Update on that story from last week on the cyclist that hit a pothole under a puddle. Cyclist injured by pothole seeks compensation That is one nasty looking x-ray. Watch out for hidden hazards when you ride…

A cyclist is killed because of a damaged wing (fender) mirror. Cyclist killed by driver for damaging wing mirror, court told Even if a driver deserves it, don’t damage the car. Wait until he turns his head then shoot him. 🙂 Seriously, drivers will already kill you just for existing, why throw gasoline on the fire?

And from Oz comes a story about not turning in front of a moving car. Cyclist injured in Banora Pt bingle This could have been prevented by just waiting until the car gets by. A little patience people. We ask it of drivers, we should practice it ourselves.

That’s the whole mess, and that’s all for tonight. And why was I so late? I was out riding the bus and the train to get to the bike shop to get an OEM seat pad for Gigi (on the left in the header picture), plus stopping by my Congresscritter to speak about bicycle infrastructure. And what did you do today?

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