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Delayed April Fool’s joke

Did you ever lose something on your computer?

Did you ever lose something where you knew the folder it was in, and still couldn’t find it?

Yes I know I should have fewer things in my favorited folders so I can find things when I want them.

Anyway, here’s what I was saving for 04/01 this year.

Portland OR is constantly looking for ways to enhance safety for cyclists, by making the bike lane more visible and encouraging cyclists to be more visible. City may expand “Blue Bike Lanes”
to include “Blue Bikers”
Smurfing the cyclists makes drivers more aware of bike lanes and cyclists on the roads.

The ironic thing about this article is the Feds told Portland to change the bike lane color from blue to green about 2 years ago.

PSA, Opus


Two days’ tiny Feeds makes for one decent sized post

I was doing some research for my job at examiner.com/dallas yesterday and when I looked at the Feed for yesterday there was only a couple of reports in the Feed report, so I decided to work on something else yesterday evening, something that might eventually make me some money. Today’s Feed was also rather small… maybe this is a trend of drivers not hitting people that are riding bicycles, because some of the reports were about riders wrecking because of road defects.

A cyclist that was involved in a “pinball” wreck manages to walk away (crawl away?) from the wreck after they pull a truck off of him. Bicyclist counts his blessing after being pinned under truck “Pinball” wrecks are when the cyclist is involved in a secondary impact with a vehicle that is out of control after being hit by another vehicle, and as such are completely unavoidable. As a cyclist you have no way of predicting where the second car will end up after having its direction changed by the impact with the first vehicle, which may not have even been visible to the cyclist.

Another report on the hit-and-run in LA’s Echo park. Bicyclist Killed, Man Living In Panorama City Is Arrested Yeah, just put that guy under the jail and throw a couple of tons of concrete on top of him, and maybe a couple dozen rabid wolverines too. I hate drunk drivers, I hate hit-and-run drivers, and I think drunk hit-and-run drivers should be eligible for the death penalty.

An IN rider isn’t feeling so good after a hit-and-run. Bicyclist injured in hit-run accident This is another case of a secondary wreck after the first wreck. From other reports I know that this cyclist had a single vehicle wreck and was on the pavement with a car stopped behind him, and a third vehicle came around the stopped car and hit the cyclist lying in the road. The thing about this wreck is had the third vehicle stopped then there would have been minimal consequences for the driver, but now it’s a felony…

The rider killed mountain biking may have been on an animal trail rather than an actual bike trail because of faulty signage. Cyclist may have been on unofficial park trail Not much I can say about this one.

The SF Streetsblog has an article on bike laws and morals. Moralism vs. Utopianism–of Red Lights, Helmets, Bike Lanes and… There is much in this article that I agree with and not much that I disagree with, including the bit about helmets.

Moving away from the US we have another UK cyclist injured when not being able to avoid or stop before hitting a bad pothole. Pothole crash leaves cyclist badly injured Apparently this cyclist had her escape route cut off by a car pulling alongside her and was forced into the pothole. This was unlike the other cyclist that hit a pothole hidden under a puddle, this cyclist saw the pothole and was forced into it by traffic after it became too late to stop.

A 11 YO gets squished on a bicycle in the UK. Child Cyclist Injured In Midlands Road Collision Not much to go on in this story, typical UK media.

And in this report we find that a cyclist hit back in October was riding his bike while intoxicated. Death crash cyclist ‘was over the limit’ Don’t drink and ride, there are too many people trying to kill you to reduce your SA like that. At a BAC .231% I don’t know how he even managed to keep the bike upright long enough to get from the pub to the highway.

And that’s everything for today, I have stuff to do this evening so no late report tonight.

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