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Wow! What a huge Feed

It took more than 3 hours to wade through the Feed to decide what to put in the post for today and what order to put it in. There were a lot of reports on several wrecks, a few singles, and a few opinion articles.

The Big Story is a Dutch tourist that was hit on a National Bicycle Route in the US (yes, there are some designated National Bicycle Routes in existence in the US). Bicyclist killed on Natchez Trace Parkway and Bicyclist killed on Natchez Trace Parkway still more Cyclist killed on Natchez Trace also internationally Dutch bicyclist killed on US road The reports are almost identical in wording, and don’t give any details about the wreck. Last time I was on the Trace they had frequent signs about bicycles on the roads, the maps all mention that this is a designated National Bicycle Route, so there is no reason the un-named driver should have not known that there were bicycles present. But without more information on this wreck I can’t tell you how to avoid a similar wreck.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a Navy SEAL with hair trigger reflexes when you are facing a WMD on the roads. Bicyclist killed in Va. Beach had survived ’08 crash He was hit from behind but there are still people trying to blame the cyclist for being there to be hit. The comments section is something to avoid if you are allergic to stupidity.

A driver ignores the school zone in front of an elementary school and hits a kid riding a bicycle. Bicyclist hurt in accident School zones are a place of peril for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. But the only ones truly at risk are the ones not surrounded by tons of steel and plastic. Remember that when you drive around a school.

This is a real hard wreck to avoid, as the car did not have a driver behind the wheel. Parked truck rolls down driveway, critically injures boy on bike in Will County If the truck hit the kid then the truck was not parked. I just don’t see how a 5YO could have done anything to avoid this wreck.

An opinion piece on cyclists’ rights in KS. Bicyclists’ rights Yeah, the comments section is pretty worthless, again.

And the city of Laramie tries to figure out what to do about an annual tradition of the Tour de Laramie bicycle pub crawl. Tour de done? I think they should count their blessings that the crawl is being done by bicycles rather than by cars. Imagine that many inebriated drivers hitting the roads at one time going from bar to bar.

From the frozen steppes of Canuckistan comes a report on a fatal wreck for a cyclist. Cyclist killed on Highway 1 For those not familiar Highway 1 is what most of us know as the Trans-Canada Highway and is the only east-west route through much of the country. It is roughly equivalent to an Interstate in the US for much of its length, but also at times becomes 2 lanes with wide shoulders. As for the wreck it is obvious that the cyclist was hit from behind, but beyond that I can’t say what happened. It appeared the shoulder was cut off by the jersey barrier on the right forcing the cyclist into the traffic lane with the high speed cars and trucks, so the cyclist may have been in a situation without an escape route.

Another legally required incomplete report from the UK. Teen cyclist is injured at blackspot junction What is known is there is some defect in the engineering of the intersection that causes cars and bicycles to come in conflict (I know what it is but you will have to read the article).

And another cyclist is injured in India. Cyclist injured in accident involving Blueline bus They have to do something about these bus drivers that treat the roads like their own private speedways.

And that’s all I have today.

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