Daily Archives: April 26, 2009

A tiny Feed

We had a very small Feed today with only 5 reports and only 3 of those concerned bicycles (well there was the one about the snowboarder that used to ride jumps on his BMX bike).

Another report on the 5 YO that was hit by a “parked” SUV. Child, 5, injured after SUV carrying toddler rolls down driveway As I said before, this would have been hard to avoid for an adult, a 5YO kid just didn’t have a chance. Get well quick.

Another hit-and-run in SoCal. Bicyclist Gravely Injured In Anaheim Hit-And-Run The car might have been stolen as 1969 Elkies are somewhat scarce and even if you had hit someone you wouldn’t just abandon one. The driver in this case should get the standard “under the jail” treatment reserved for hit-and-run drivers, but should get something else for abandoning a classic car like a 1969 El Camino.

Another CA cyclist is killed in a freak accident. Arcata bicyclist dies in solo accident This is a good time to remind my readers to properly secure all loads. It might also be a good idea to not mount loose loads in front of the handlebars. Ignore the comments section, most of them seem to think riding a bicycle makes you a drug addict, or homeless person, or both.

And that’s all for today.

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