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Almost a day off

Yes the Feed was so quiet today as compared to the last few days it almost seemed like a day off. There were lots of articles about Lance’s collarbone and a couple of dead motorcyclists (thankfully with no pictures).

Opening up today’s post is the Arcata police blotter with two bike wrecks, one of which was covered here earlier. Injury, death in no-helmet bike crashes – UPDATED – April 29, 2009 OK the guy that hopped on the fixie without learning how to stop it first, he’s not very bright but will have the chance to learn. I mentioned the other guy last week when I said not to carry loose loads where they could get caught in the front wheel. Beyond that these were single vehicle wrecks where knowledge of your capabilities and your vehicle’s capabilities and where those two categories may not overlap is crucial to your survival. In aircraft terms that means knowing how not to get into situations where the vehicle can’t get you out safely. Bicycles have “coffin corners” in their envelopes of operation just like any other vehicle.

In CA we have another incident where the perp was in possession of the perfect murder weapon, one that would not have gotten them any prison time even if convicted, and instead they shoot the guiy on the bicycle. Bicyclist injured in drive-by shooting Hey gang-bangers! If the target is already on a bicycle save your ammo, no court will convict you if you use the car instead of the gun.

And others have noticed what I have noticed, FL is killing a lot of cyclists and not just lately. Bike riders beware: Study ranks Florida the deadliest Last I was able to count FL was averaging a fatal bicycle wreck per week for the first 3 months of this year, which would actually be a decrease in their fatality rate. TX is averaging 3 a month which still seems like a lot until you consider the differences in geography and population. TX is right about the national average in bicycle deaths per capita, but FL is running 3 times the national average.

And that’s all I have for you so far.

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