Daily Archives: June 1, 2009

The Feed was lightweight to the point of being “fluffy”

I hope the lack of bicycle wrecks in the Feed today was because there weren’t any wrecks to report, rather than wrecks not reported.

A 7 YO suffers because public space has been ceded to motor vehicles. Newbury Park bicyclist, 7, injured in collision with car The 7 YO was doing what 7 YO kids do, but because public space was being used to store unused motor vehicles that created poor sightlines, and the car that struck him was driving too fast for conditions, the kid was hit. This is not meant to totally absolve the kid, but really, if behaving like a kid where you live gets you killed or seriously injured, what does that say about the quality of life in that neighborhood?

An update on the SWSS story from last week in NC. Bike rider killed; D.A. consulted on potential charges NC has a new law that requires passing a cyclist with at least 3 feet of clearance in case the cyclist has to avoid something that a driver might not notice, and there is some question as to if the law applies to riders on the shoulder or only in the actual roadway.

And we finish up with a lifestyle piece that advocates using a bicycle as the perfect vehicle to see a national park. Nature, history on view at Cuyahoga Valley National Park Riding a bicycle anywhere is a great way to see what is around you, assuming you don’t spend the entire time staring at your front wheel.

And that’s the Feed for today.

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