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So many bike wrecks they can’t even give them separate articles

I was heartened when I looked at the Feed this morning by how few wrecks there were, until I started reading the links. Bike wrecks now apparently no longer get individual articles unless they are the only bike wreck in the area that day. There were links that had as many as 3 wrecks in a single article. That’s not right, everyone deserves to be remembered individually as a distinct person, not en masse as a member of a statistical group, except when displaying a table of statistics.

Up first, if you bought a bike from REI you will want to check against this recall to make sure your bike is not on the list. Product Recalls: strollers, bicycles The recalled bike has a defect in the forks that could cause the front wheel to part company with the bike. This usually results in injury at best, and could be fatal if the separation occurs around motor vehicle traffic. Even if the wheel stays with the bike you could still lose control and fall. This is a supplier problem and not the fault of REI.

This article is about something I have been ranting about since before the first blog I wrote on bike safety, wrong way riding in the street. Editorial: Worth a ticket I know that for years it was taught to some cyclists to behave like pedestrians and ride facing traffic, but the laws were changed decades ago back to treating bicycles as vehicles, and law or not it was always the best to ride with traffic because of the speed of bicycles v the speed of pedestrians. Bicycles travel at a significant portion of the speed of motor vehicles and facing traffic adds that speed to the motor vehicle speed, which increases the damage done by a wreck and reduces the time to avoid one.

While we are in the NW area of the US, here’s one of those multiple bike wrecks in one story I mentioned. Bicyclist, 69, critically injured in spill The cyclist mentioned in the headline was injured after hitting road debris, another later down in the article was injured in an unknown wreck, other than the injured cyclist there was no other evidence readily visible to paramedics attending the injured cyclist, and also in the article is mentioned a cyclist that was run off the road at a roundabout by a car violating his right of way. As someone mentioned in the comments section there was no consideration of low speed traffic using the roundabout when it was designed so cyclists are at risk every time they go through that intersection.

Still in the NW a OR cyclist was hit by a distracted driver. Bend bicyclist struck by pickup, seriously injured The driver was looking at his cell phone and the rear view mirror and drove off the road into the bike lane and hit the cyclist from behind. This is why there needs to be a distracted driver law, driving is already multi-tasking just getting the car from A to B without hitting anything or getting lost. Drivers don’t need any added workload like cellphones. Comments are typically inane, I don’t know why I still read them except that sometimes a witness reports that the article/police report was full of it.

A really stupid cyclist gets hit. Teen bicyclist wearing headphones and no helmet seriously injured in Lima accident Yes not only was he using headphones and not wearing a helmet, but he ran a stop sign when a car was coming. By wearing the headphones he lost the ability of using his ears to warn him of approaching cars, so he ran the stop sign in front of a moving car and got hit. This gets him the “stupid cyclist” tag for my blog post.

Still a lot of confusion as to what happened in this wreck. Update: Crash victim’s name released For those late to the story, a driver pulled over to talk to a cyclist and another vehicle hit the cyclist as they were talking. Word is there was a blue pickup that passed the cyclist earlier and that the cyclist might have fallen down just as the truck passed and there was some initial speculation that the truck had hit the cyclist. As it stands now, the only vehicle that hit the cyclist was the Ford (? couldn’t see the badges on the front clearly, it looked like the Blue Oval) that killed him. The cyclist was OK until that.

The woman that hit a cyclist riding the TOSV tour from behind and left the scene was sentenced today. Woman sentenced in cyclist’s death and Woman sent to jail in bicyclist’s death I know, kill a cyclist go to jail, for less than 2 months. And she has to pay a $1000 fine. Big whoop. 😡

There’s a big ride coming up in IL. Bicyclists gear up for ride Sounds like it could be fun, if you are in the area give it a go.

Non-motorized transportation needs someone to stand up for it in La-la Land. Cyclists and Pedestrians Looking for a Champion As long as cyclists and pedestrians are a small minority of transportation infrastructure users they will be ignored, but until someone treats them as part of the system they will remain a small minority, chicken meet egg.

And our final story from the UK involving a hit-and-run driver. Driver leaves injured Bristol cyclist in road If the driver had remained at the scene he would not have faced charges, as it is he could spend time in jail.

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