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Someone was hurt in a motor vehicle by hitting a cyclist

As amazing as it sounds There was actually someone seriously injured in a motor vehicle that hit a (actually in this case 3) cyclist. This is a rare enough happening that I’m putting it first on the post today. There was also news about a cyclist getting shot in Corpus Christi TX, and another cyclist killed in Chattanooga.

But getting to the Big Story first, in what appears to this observer as a case of assault, a teen driving a 4X4 van in England was seriously injured while running over 3 female cyclists, killing one and giving the others minor injuries. Woman cyclist killed in north Cumbria crash named and Youth held over cyclist death also Cyclist killed in a collision and from the Beeb Teenager held after fatal crash At this point I can’t say for sure what happened, but with 3 cyclists hit and an arrest made in the case it doesn’t look like an “accident”.

A lot closer to home is the case of the shooter who almost took out a cyclist in Corpus Christi TX. A year later, still no answers in case of cyclist shot on Ennis Joslin The outright stupidity of this case just floors me. Someone thought it would be “cute” to shoot people with snake rounds, and they got 2 that police know of, and three may have been others who thought it was a blank round because they were not close enough to get hit.

Someone was hit-and-run on a bike in Houston, again. Deputies seek identity of injured cyclist in NW Harris The driver was “suspected” of hit-and-run when cops found him still driving around with the bicycle stuck under his car 5 blocks away. Dudes, if that isn’t proof of leaving the scene of hitting a bicyclist, your standards are way too high. Not enough information on how the cyclist was hit to tell you how to avoid the same kind of wreck. Having a stupid detector might help, though, if it’s directional and gives range.

Two stories from the Murky on the deputy that killed those 2 cyclists last year. Deputy who killed two bicyclists demoted and Santa Clara deputy involved in fatal crash after falling asleep at the wheel is demoted This was the most encouraging thing I have seen in this case since the deputy hit the 3 cyclists last year. The guy dodged a DUI before becoming a deputy, then the deadly cyclist crash where he claimed to fall asleep at the wheel, and then he was placed on paid administrative leave for over a year at $83,000 a year. Now he has a job that is topped out at $55K.

A kid on a bike trail gets hit while crossing the road. Young bicyclist injured in Thursday’s crash From the comments section it appears the cyclist had right of way on the trail with the intersection marked with yield signs on the road. To avoid a similar wreck look both ways before crossing a road.

A Myrtle Beach SC cyclist escapes with his life. Bicyclist injured after being hit by car Nothing on how he got hit, so I can’t tell you how to avoid the wreck. The report didn’t even state the kind of vehicle or if it was a hit-and-run.

A cyclist “fell” off his bike. Bicyclist injured I have my doubts about this report, mainly because there was a Jeep SUV along side the cyclist when he “fell”.

Another SWSS wreck in TX. Bicyclist injured in crash on Northeast Side Once again the only one that saw the cyclist on the sidewalk was the driver that hit him. But this is a good time to let you know again about sidewalk riding being more dangerous that riding in the street by a couple orders of magnitude.

They killed another one in Chattanooga. Chattanooga: 3rd cyclist of year killed by vehicle And there will be more killed unless and until there is some kind of penalty for hitting a cyclist other than the conscience of the driver…

State law in VA is killing cyclists as shown by another VA cyclist killed. Bicyclist killed in Norfolk ID’d The cyclists are required by law to ride 2 feet from the curb or shoulder, which is the worst place to be on a bike. If you don’t live in VA ride in the middle of the lane where the drivers can see and avoid you. If you do live in VA nag your state rep about getting the law changed, and if he refuses then use that as fodder for his competition come election season.

This was a moped rather than s bicycle but it was traveling in the bike lane and at bike speeds so this is a pertinent wreck to us. A right hook across the bike lane seriously injured the rider. Police probe moped, truck crash The thing to take from this wreck is always be ready for a motor vehicle to do something stupid that puts you at risk.

Someone beat up a kid because he was riding his bike where they didn’t want him to be. Mourners share memories at funeral for 14-year-old Crofton boy killed in assault I can’t tell you how to avoid this situation except to not be where people pull you from your bike and kill you…

Another helmet-centric “safety” article. Summer calls for bicycle safety Wear a helmet, just don’t expect miracles from it.

An article about the AIDS Life Ride that just ended. Ride & remembrance

An infrastructure article about Carlisle PA. Expect Carlisle ‘road diet’ in 2010 I wish their “diet” had included a bike lane to handle more traffic with fewer cars.

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