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Another mild Saturday Feed

Winnowing the Feed today was not too bad, most of the articles were lifestyle related rather than wreck reports. I like lifestyle reports, much less gore and damage than wreck reports. But the wrecks are what you come for according to the blog stats. More of you click on the wreck reports than the lifestyle stuff.

Starting off we have an update on the kid hit crossing a road from a bike trail. Tulare boy, 13, crashes bike into pickup Now they are saying that the warning signs were advisory only and the truck had the right of way at the intersection. I wonder if there were stop signs on the trail? If not then it was an uncontrolled intersection and the first vehicle in (the bike) had the right of way, regardless of what the police had to say. Unfortunately there is no Google Street View of the intersection to let us know about the presence of lack of a stop sign, or if there were in fact Yield signs on the road.

A cyclist in Upstate NY gets hit with a dump truck. Bicyclist injured in collision with dump truck From the description of the wreck the bike was being passed by the truck when it made a right turn into the bike, and never saw the bike until he hit it. If that’s the case it is another reason to ride in the middle of the lane where you can be seen. Readers in VA are forced to ignore this if they want to remain in compliance with state laws requiring bikes to be within 2 feet of the curb/shoulder.

Update on a report from last week. Bicyclist injured in Whittier crash still in hospital Yeah, riding against traffic is bad, but there was something else going on because CHP has changed their report as to who was at fault in this wreck.

A cyclist rides in front of a train at a railroad crossing in spite of the crossing gate being down. Bicyclist injured by Caltrain; third accident in as many days involving system Don’t you be stupid, wait for the train.

The first of the lifestyle articles asks drivers about how they feel about cyclists. Huckleberries Online Naturally there were more drivers complaining about cyclists than otherwise. Good behavior is invisible.

In MI they get kids in helmets and give away bikes. Getting in gear I appreciate that they gave away a boy’s and girl’s bicycle and a trike for a special needs kid.

Cyclists for a cause in SC. Bicyclists stop in Anderson on cross-country trip to benefit Habitat for Humanity

Cyclists for a cause pt. 2, in TN. ‘Viva Catie II’ bikers hit the road to Texas

I don’t mention it much in this blog, but I’m involved in EV research in building electric assisted bicycles. High-Tech Lead-Acid Batteries for China’s Electric Scooters Some people decry lead-acid batteries because the lead is toxic, but putting lead in batteries is actually eco-friendly by keeping the lead encapsulated and away from the environment. Sure the recycling centers for lead batteries are not good places to be, but with modern recycling techniques all but a bare trace of lead remains in the battery system, and outside the recycling factory is no more hazardous than the general environment.

And that’s all I have today, I will be attending a religious ritual tonight.

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