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Repeats and updates, the Sunday Feed

Well after a day spent mounting a pair of motorcycle saddlebags to the back of my bicycle (they look gooood) after going to church, and getting instructions from the board over how to represent the church’s position to NCTCOG over how to spend the the 3% of stimulus funds that have to be spent on non-motorized transportation, I get reading the Feed and there are repeats and updates all over the thing, but at least there wren’t very many of them.

Up first is another cyclist killed in Mankato MN. Bicyclist killed on Highway 169 and Bicyclist crossing highway hit by car, killed and finally Bicyclist Killed After Crossing Hwy. 169 Another SWSS/SWCC wreck in the same city in less than 2 weeks? Do they need to give cyclists anti-depressants in MN? Or is there an infrastructure problem with getting a bike across that highway?

Another report on the deputy that hit 3 cyclists head on in the bike lane last year getting demoted to a job that keeps him from carrying a gun and driving an official vehicle for the rest of his miserable waste of a life. Sheriff Demotes Deputy Who Killed Cyclists

A cyclist is killed by an impaired cyclist that left the scene. Man on bicycle struck, killed by car OK lets look at what’s known: The driver was taking prescription drugs that may impair his driving, illegal drugs that would definitely impair his driving, he left the scene AKA hit-and-run, at least 2 and maybe 3 violations and at least one felony, and the cops let him go. He kills a man and tries to run, and the cops let him go. How many people think the investigation of this wreck will be thorough and impartial?

Another FL cyclist gets killed in the most dangerous state in the country to ride a bicycle. Bicyclist killed in Venice Sometimes the rider is at fault even in a SWCC wreck. Make sure if you have to cross against the red that there are no cars coming. It is legal to cross against the red if the light won’t change, but you have to make 100%+ sure that there are no cars coming that will get close enough to hit you.

A RI attorney shares the legal and other ways to not get killed on a bike. Providence Attorney Shares Tips to Keep Rhode Island Bicyclists Safe Worth as much as you paid for it…

A cyclist gets killed in Canuckistan and everybody in Canada is talking about it. Calgary cyclist killed in B.C. and Calgary cyclist killed in B.C. From the articles this appears to have been an infrastructure problem and there have been several wrecks involving (just) cars because of it.

From Jolly Olde that woman killed when the driver hit 3 cyclists was very highly thought of. Penrith cyclist killed in crash ‘inspired everyone she knew’

Don’t forget to click the button over on the right and win me a new bike. This is all I have for you tonight, and I will only have the one report tomorrow as I have to make that trip to talk to NCTCOG about the stimulus funds.

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