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Two days of a light Feed at once

For those of you who didn’t read down first, I didn’t do a report yesterday because I was doing some mods to Gigi to enlarge her cargo capacity over her previous water bottle, patch kit, and light lunch, to a pair of motorcycle saddlebags that will carry some groceries, or all the clothing I need for a weekend camping trip plus personal food for 3 days. In the process I had to change the mounting of the Honkin’ Huge Taillighttm from chopper style low on the left side to a high center mount. It was time to change the mount anyway as I discovered when I pulled the old mounting bracket off and found a crack running from one hole to less than a millimeter from the edge of the mount. I don’t think the taillight would have fallen off had the crack continued to propagate, but it might have pointed in the wrong direction. I also had to attend the public meeting of the NCTCOG, the people that decide how state and federal dollars are spent for infrastructure and environmental projects in the area. Public meetings are where we get to have our say in what needs to be done, and my voice is finally being listened to. Persistence pays off in the long run. This really deserves a separate report that I haven’t even finished reading all the data for yet.

Up first from the Feed is a report on some really bad infrastructure that damaged a bike and injured the rider. Cyclist injured in crash at road work site There was a road cut that was not marked and caused an unsuspecting cyclist to blow a front tire and crash. Personal experience tells me that even a low tire will cause a crash if it’s on the front, a front blowout is a crash the first time the rider has to move the handlebars to keep the bike under him or her, like within a few feet of whatever caused the blowout.

Officials have now decided that the man killed Friday at a train crossing was not suicidal but may have thought the crossing gates had malfunctioned. Bicyclist killed by Caltrain identified as 38-year-old San Jose man There were 2 trains crossing the road at nearly the same time on separate tracks, and the rider did not see or hear the second train, the one that hit him, as he was fixated on the first train. The moral here is to wait until the crossing gates go back up before crossing the tracks.

More reports on the man killed in Mankato MN. Prior Lake bicyclist killed when struck by car and Authorities ID bicyclist killed in Mankato Nothing more to add to this that I haven’t posted before.

A cyclist is injured in a possible right hook. Bicyclist injured in accident on Broadway in Saratoga Always be ready to stop when being passed and there is an entrance or intersection coming up, but this wreck is the fault of the driver that failed to complete the pass before making the right turn in front of the cyclist.

An impatient driver hits a cyclist at an intersection. Bicyclist injured at Woodley & Division The cyclist and driver both stopped at their stop signs and then the cyclist proceeded in the crosswalk, when the driver pulled forward and hit the cyclist. And LEO are saying the cyclist was at fault for riding in the crosswalk…

A bike ninja gets hit in the rear wheel. Teen on bicycle hit by car He almost made it. Moral of the story is don’t be a bike ninja unless you have the speed and traffic skills to pull it off, and this guy didn’t have those skills or the speed.

A bike-v-bike wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclists injured in head-on bike path collision The moral here is to slow down to a speed that lets you keep to your side of the bike path around turns, especially turns that you can’t see if there is traffic coming the other way.

A cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run in Jolly Olde. Cyclist injured in hit and run in Hatfield Not much to say here except the driver may not have even known he or she hit someone, this appears to be one of those “soft” wrecks that are very quiet. And because it is a UK report there is nothing on the actual mechanism of the wreck so I can tell you how to not be in a similar wreck.

Infrastructure, we have lots of infrastructure reports. Lots of people are concerned with and about infrastructure. A Safety Move That Cyclists Call a Menace This report details changes made to roads that make them unusable by cyclists, kind of like the boulderseal used in Collin County when a road gets too popular with cyclists. In the NY case it was aggressive rumble strips on the shoulders, in Collin County it’s a chipseal done with excessively large aggregate that makes a road unridable without wide tires, like 4″ wide or wider. The vibration caused by the large aggregate increases rolling resistance and also causes vision issues and mechanical problems. The rumble strips have caused at least one injury crash, and remove a large portion of the shoulder as a safe place to ride, forcing cyclists into the main travel lane where cars travel at speeds in excess of the 55MPH posted limits.

An off-road infrastructure problem is settled between the horsey set and MTB riders. Bike, horse riders agree to share paths at Oconee’s Heritage park The bike riders don’t get much from this “compromise” except the “right” to build their own trails like they already have, but not where the horsey people want to ride.

And a different kind of infrastructure as other media discover that there is a safe passing bill waiting Rick Perry’s signature here in TX. Bill before Gov. Perry aims to help drivers, cyclists share the road The comments section is worth ever penny you pay to read it. XP

And that is everything thus far, more if I feel like posting wrecks, but there will be a report on the NCTCOG meeting last night.

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NCTCOG gets religion

The bicycling religion, that is. I guess there is something about $180,000,000 getting dumped in your lap with tight restrictions on how you can spend it that will change your opinion on bicycle infrastructure.

I will have more tomorrow (later today?) on this, right now I need to get some sleep.

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