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A boring Feed

We had a boring Feed for the most part here at Witch on a Bicycle, which is good. Reports on diving board accidents and suchlike rather than people getting hit with cars is good, as long as that means that people are not getting hit with cars while riding their bicycles rather than nobody is reporting people getting hit with cars while riding their bicycles. I’m still working on the NCTCOG story, hopefully we will get that posted to the blog by midnight. This is a complex report that the data is getting back to me very slowly, and I want to do a complete report.

The Feed wasn’t totally boring, as unfortunately among other things there was an assault with a deadly weapon against some cyclists in OK. Bicyclists Killed Near Sand Springs The driver went off the road to hit the cyclists riding in a group, killing two and injuring one. Authorities have filed 2 charges of first degree manslaughter with bail at $50,000. How do you avoid this kind of wreck, other than not ride? The vehicle went completely off the road and past the shoulder to hit the 3 cyclists, which pretty much eliminates any possible escape routes. I guess the only way to not get involved in a similar wreck would be judicially confiscating the cars of people with multiple DUI arrests. This person should not have been driving in the first place, and apparently hit the cyclists on purpose for whatever reason her mind could concoct.

Another SWCC from FL with 2 reports. Bicyclist Killed On Westside and Cyclist Killed on Westside The cyclist was pushing his bike in the crosswalk when he was hit.

A woman on a bike tour was killed when a semi-truck turned into her left cross style. Arizona Woman Killed In Wyoming Bicycle Wreck The report was the driver did not see the cyclist in the road when he pulled out for his turn, which makes avoiding this kind of wreck a problem. The rider was at the intersection before the truck, and started across the intersection before the truck got there, so how do you avoid a truck that hasn’t even gotten there yet?

I’m not sure of who was at fault in this wreck because of “pronoun problems”. Bicyclist Killed in Bethpage Truck Crash From the tone of the article the cyclist may have been at fault, but that could just be media bias.

LA is trying to pass a 3-foot law to prevent drivers from forcing cyclists off the roads, in a bill that is almost identical to the TX bill. Share the Road: Being discourteous to cyclists is a form of bullying After all that exposition in the article the comments section was worth every penny I paid to read it. Typical car-head thinking displayed in the comments.

If you have a wreck on your bike in SF CA, I know a lawyer. San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney – Mary Alexander educates on bike accidents As much as I dislike lawyers, they do provide a needed service.

The first of the UK reports. Pensioner charged over road accident as cyclist injured The guy ran over a cyclist causing serious injury and disfigurement, but still nothing on the mechanism of the wreck to tell you how to avoid the same situation.

If you see it from the Beeb you know it’s true. Boy dies after collision with car From the article this may have been a hit-from-behind wreck.

And a totally oblivious driver in a white van hits a cyclist in a race. Cyclist hurt in race hit-and-run Apparently all the signs and bikes on the road were no clue to the driver of the van…

Preliminary on the NCTCOG report: I’m on the list for the bike/ped advisory committee so I will have some input on what is happening in the area for infrastructure. I don’t know what will happen with all the projects that were defunded by recissions prior to the ARRA money becoming available, but I will find out.

That’s all I have today, but I might get that article about the NCTCOG meeting out by midnight.

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