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A high-content Feed

Lots of stuff with very little “stuff” in today’s Feed. Well unless you count the comments sections, there’s always an ample supply of “stuff” in those.

Up first we have more reports on the OK incident in Sand Springs, where a drug-addled driver went completely off the road and hit 3 cyclists, killing 2. 2 cyclists killed in accident and Friends Remember Victims Of Deadly Bike Crash alsoCyclists Killed While Riding Along Highway What needs to be remembered here is that the cyclists were not on the road but on the paved shoulder which legally is not part of the road unless you are riding a bicycle. Also needed to be remembered is that the driver in this case had a history of DUI arrests and was incoherent when removed from her vehicle, not to mention the open container of alcohol in the car at the time of her arrest. The crime scene pictures are horrific, the fact that anyone survived that carnage is a miracle. As for the alleged perp, the old saying applies in this case, give her a fair trial and a decent hanging. Actually hanging is too good for her, she should be forced to live without a motor vehicle and pay restitution for the rest of her life. Mass transit or human power transport until she croaks, which probably won’t be too long if there are more drivers like her in the Tulsa area.

A VT cyclist survives a near head on collision with a Suburban. Bike rider hospitalized after crash with SUV The fact that the rider survived the wreck with a Suburban first tells me that relative velocity at impact was low, and second that the rider was very lucky.

Another report on the AZ woman on a bicycle tour hit by a semi. Arizona woman killed in Wyoming bicycle wreck From other reports we know this was a left cross by the semi and that the cyclist had the right of way.

Another FL cyclist is killed by a car not on the road. Navarre bicyclist killed The cyclist ended up 170 feet away from the point of impact, and somebody in the comments section asked if she was wearing a helmet. This was not survivable with or without a helmet. As for how to avoid this kind of wreck, well I don’t think you can and still ride on pavement. The rider was already on the shoulder off the road which should have been safe from motor vehicles, and riding further over to the right might not have been possible or safe (since I don’t know the actual conditions or the track of the cyclist I can’t say for sure, the report was that she was on the shoulder but not how far). I don’t even know if there was any further escape route available after the shoulder paving ended.

More on the wreck in BC with the Calgary woman killed. Cyclist killed in collision The picture with the article is of an earlier wreck in the same area a week or two ago.

My colleague in the Seattle edition of examiner.com has this infrastructure article. Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail I don’t know why giving bicycles a place to ride is so contentious every time, but it is.

A cyclist is hit-and-run in Jolly Olde. Cyclist injured in Hatfield hit and run Again, get the backhoe and concrete truck. We have a hit-and-run driver that needs to be punished.

And finally from Oz a cyclist fixing a tire on the side of the road is hit. Elderly cyclist killed at Welby I hope I’m that active when I’m 85 YO.

That’s all from the Feed, still working on that NCTCOG report on bicycle infrastructure in N. Texas.

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