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Good news on the hit-and-run front, plus our regular Feed

We had good news on the hit-and-run front plus we had the usual assortment of “stuff” about bikes and bike wrecks. There are the usual summer “lifestyle” stories, some fluff, and some wrecks, including more hit-and-runs.

Getting to the good news first, they caught the guy that crossed the centerline of the road and hit the cyclist head on near the shoulder of the road last November in NoCal. El Sobrante man arrested in cyclist hit-and-run and Arrest made in hit-and-run death of Martinez cyclist from the Murky. Since he repaired the vehicle himself I think they should also throw in tampering with evidence and obstructing justice charges. With the evidence released to the public he was either drunk as a skunk or greatly exceeding the speed limit at the time of the wreck, or both, in addition to hit-and-run.

While on the subject of hit-and-run in CA. ENCINITAS: Bicyclist struck by hit-and-run driver At least in this case the driver made sure the cyclist would survive before leaving the scene, but he’s still scum.

This was not a good week for bike riders in CA. Petaluma Boy Near Death After Bicycle Accident This is why kids should wear helmets, because they take risks that are sometimes beyond their abilities. I don’t know if a helmet would have helped this kid as they didn’t say where his impact was. In my wreck the helmet protected me in part of the wreck but not when I landed face first on the road. Not many bike helmets will protect in that kind of impact and the ones that will are heavy and hot. I know, I wear one now every time I ride.

ID riders have been having a rough month since the Spring thaw. Another Boise biker dies in collision with car and Friend: ‘Kevin had a grin that just went from ear to ear’ The wreck mode was a left cross by an impatient or inattentive 16 YO driver, and the cyclist had insufficient time to react and hit the car at nearly full speed. Since he was an experienced cyclist I have to assume he saw the car, but there are things that just happen too fast for human reflexes, and Newtonian physics (you know that one about an article in motion tends to remain in motion in a straight line until acted upon by an outside force).

A story that just doesn’t make sense about a right turning cyclist hit from behind by a right turning truck. Bicyclist killed on Charleston Boulevard identified and Calif. Man Killed After Turning Bike In Front Of Truck Let’s set this up, both vehicles were turning right onto the same street. The truck made contact with the cyclist with the left front corner, so the cyclist was in front of the truck when the turn was initiated. The only way the cyclist could have been at fault would have been for him to have been in the wrong way lane on the opposite side of the street, which would have been mentioned because MSM loves to point out when bike riders break traffic laws. It wasn’t mentioned, therefore the rider was in front of the truck in the same lane when struck. So why was the cyclist at fault?

A lot of cyclists and a wet RR crossing lead to bike wrecks. BRAN riders slide on Friday’s rain The lesson here is to cross RR tracks as close to perpendicular as possible and be very careful in the rain. There were lots of cyclists that learned this lesson the hard way.

Getting to the first of the “lifestyle” articles is a report on CM in Petaluma. ‘Critical Mass’ in Petaluma today at rush hour I hope they made their point without pissing off too many drivers.

Another Wounded Warrior ride, this time in WI. Injured and disabled veterans start four-day bicycle trip today in southeast Wisconsin If you get the chance you really need to see one of these rides, they are inspiring. I know what it means to me to ride my bike after getting crippled in my wreck, I can only imagine what it means for a guy that has lost a leg or an arm.

RAAM is coming. Cyclists gird for coast-to-coast sprint Even riding a 4 man team (or a “fur man” team, as the article read when I created the link) is beyond my abilities. I could do the distance but not the speed. When it comes to racing I’m not even half-fast. 😉

And cyclists in Canuckistan ride 200km (120 mi +/-) in 2 days for the legacy of a soldier killed in Afghanistan. Cyclists to ride up the Island for Boomer’s Legacy This is a good cause, helping people who were financially damaged by the war or the terrorists.

And that’s all I got, still waiting on the NCTCOG to reply, if they don’t the report goes up tonight.

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