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Repeats, updates, and updates with repeats

The USAian portion of the Feed today was full of multiple reports and updates and sometimes multiple updates. Things are not looking good this year as we are already ahead of this time in 2008 in reported wrecks.

A lot of attention is being given to Boise this week. Prominent cyclist dies in crash with teen driver and UPDATE:Another bicyclist is killed in Boise also Third Cyclist Dies Within A Month What I don’t understand is this was a left cross wreck, the driver turned into the cyclist coming the other direction, and comments are asking about bike lanes and right turns. Perhaps that was the wreck mode that happened in one of the other wrecks in the last 3 weeks in Boise.

Someone has told the crooks that people with bicycles have more money than people with cars. Cyclist nearly robbed by group of men There was a cyclist almost robbed in the first story, and successfully robbed in the second story.

A kid was hit-and-run in MA. Man accused of hitting bicyclist, fleeing There were questions about why the kid was out after midnight, and why he was on an on-ramp. That aside, there wasn’t enough about the wreck for me to help you avoid a similar one.

Another report on that Las Vegas wreck that still bothers me. Police Name Las Vegas Bicyclist Killed Once again, the cyclist was in front of the truck, why are they blaming the cyclist for getting hit from behind?

A drunk driver that hit-and-run a cyclist leaving him to die is sentenced in CA. UPDATE: Carmel Highlands man sentenced to 5 years for running down cyclist while drunk The drunk called into 911 when he got home and said he might have hit a deer, and when the cops showed up the victim’s bicycle was still stuck in the vehicle’s grill. Five years is a joke, but pretty close to the maximum he could get for how he was charged.

They have already installed the Ghost Bikes for the 2 cyclists killed in OK this week past. Ghost Bike Honors Fallen Cyclists I wonder how long those Ghost Bikes will survive?

Volunteer trail marshals help maintain order and ensure safety in OH. Volunteers monitor roaming dogs, injured cyclists Bike patrols are the way to go for monitoring a MUP.

Another report on the 13YO killed in a ht-and-run in Jolly Olde. Family’s tribute to young cyclist killed in Olton crash It’s never good when a really young one dies.

There’s a bike wreck in this column somewhere 😉 Love to know who did the love rock thing? This was a single vehicle bike wreck with minimal injuries, and the rider himself gave the advice on how to avoid a similar wreck yourself.

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