We be BADD

Bicyclists Against Drunk Drivers, we be BADD. This was the off the cuff brainchild of Paul Tay mentioned in the comments section of one of the articles about the 3 cyclists hit by an alleged drunk driver (who allegedly stunk of beer and was allegedly falling down trying to walk away from her vehicle after it was blocked by other drivers when she was allegedly trying to drive away from the wreck).

I’m soliciting comments on this one, what do you think? We already have an acronym and a draft slogan, and a constituency of cyclists injured and survivors of cyclists killed by drunk drivers. We have a brain damaged blogger who may have been hit by a drunk driver to push it (that would be me). We have zilch organization as of the moment (but MADD was started by a single woman who lost her family in a drunk driving wreck), but with the internet that can be changed in a few days.

PSA, Opus


2 responses to “We be BADD

  1. I read the comments from the article you pulled this from…I wonder if the acronym should be Bicyclists Against Distracted Drivers to capture that part of the negligent driving crowd. BTW-Here’s a link to a story about a Text/E-mail ban that will likely be made law in NC. http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/1562889.html


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