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I’m growing around the world, and Feedy stuff

I was looking at my blog stats and I have noticed an uptick in my international readers. I’m quite positive it isn’t my deathless prose, but rather the links to dead cyclists in stories from all over the world. Well maybe my writing has something to do with it. After all, look at the number of people that listen to a fat drug addict who hasn’t performed an honest day’s labor in so long that Social Security has forgotten what his number was (J/K). If Rush can get an audience of millions, I’m sure there are a few hundred people out there that think I’m special, too. I’m not out to save the world, just my butt. If saving my butt requires saving the world in the process, well you can’t make omellettes without warming up the stove. If others are warmed by my making breakfast… I think this would be the converse of collateral damage, collateral assistance, maybe?

Do you know this man? He was in some kind of a bike wreck. Fairfield Police Seek Help To ID Injured Cyclist If you had a friend that didn’t make it home after a bike ride and he resembles the OH man in the picture, get in touch with the pertinent LEO. This would be a good time to suggest something like a set of dogtags with name, address and phone numbers, or RoadID for something with a bit more information.

A VA cyclist tears up a car in a wreck. Bicyclist Injured in Wreck Did you see the sunroof on the car? That car is totaled, repairing that roof will cost more than the car is worth. So why am I posting so much about the condition of the car and not much on the cyclist? Because I have pictures of the car, and nothing about the cyclist except that he (?) is in the hospital. About the wreck all we know was the cyclist had made a turn onto the street where he was hit, nothing about what the car driver was doing or anything else. There is a picture of the bike but I can’t see enough except to be able to identify it as a mangled bicycle. You would think that the media outlet was in the UK rather than the Great State of Virginia, United States of America.

A group of riders on the BRAG (Bike Ride Across Georgia) get left hooked by a truck outside the hometown of Bill Elliot (world record holder for fastest 500 mile race). Local man injured in bike accident You would think the driver could see a large group of riders coming and wait until they had passed to turn, but apparently not… Well after he pays for the broken bicycles and injuries I’m sure he will see and wait on the next group.

The insurance for the man that deliberately hit 2 cyclists in Portland in 2007 will pay the victims. Insurance of driver who hit cyclists will pay $100,000 I don’t know what part of this settlement will actually pay off their bills and losses, but it’s better than nothing. And without the insurance payout nothing was what they were going to get from this nutcase. I don’t use the term “nutcase” lightly, he was found guilty except for insanity in this case.

The cyclist getting hit and injured was secondary to this report of a man doing his job after a high-profile confrontation with city government. SAN FRANCISCO FIREFIGHTER’S JOHN HANLEY WEDNESDAY SHOWS CARING DAILY WORK OF UNION LEADER – ON SCENE WITH BILL WILSON Just a guy doing his job, getting injured cyclists off the streets and into hospitals…

Cyclists on a large group ride take over a KS town. Bicyclists Make Rest Stop In City They loved it. 🙂

Cyclists in Boise protest the high number of recent wrecks involving cyclists and motor vehicles with cyclists getting killed Memorial Ride With all the cyclists getting killed doing exactly what the law requires them to do, and the surviving cyclist breaking the law trying to get away from the “killer cars”, tensions are running high in the Boise cycling community, heck they are running high in Boise, period.

A cyclist injured in a hit-and-run has a hard time getting medical assistance. Injured cyclist, 15, snubbed by St Albans motorists This was wrong on so many levels, and in the UK, no less. And somebody tried to steal the kid’s bike while he was getting treated!

The Beeb discovers Ghost Bikes. The ghosts haunting British roads Actually the Beeb discovered Ghost Bikes a long time ago, but they come back every so often to review the subject.

In the unlikely event that a hit-and-run cyclist in Oz kills or severely injures a pedestrian they could face up to 5 years in jail. Hit-run cyclists face jail The wrecks between cyclists and pedestrians are rare enough that I don’t say this very often, but if you hit a pedestrian, hang around until you know the victim is going to be OK, exchange contact information, and if there is any question about injury wait until assistance arrives.

Oz puts up their view of the world driving crisis. Global road toll now more than one million The Aussies are very progressive for an Anglophone country, but even their efforts pale beside their Northern European cousins.

And that’s all I have today, and I have something to do tonight that will keep me away from my computer, so no updates tonight.

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