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Anger in ID and CO, death everywhere, the Feed

Yes there are some very angry drivers out there, some of them angry enough to kill. That this is so has been demonstrated empirically in Boise, and in theory in CO. More on those later. We also have notes on crazy drivers, crazy politicians, and dead and injured cyclists. There is also a report on a dead cyclist that was brought to the Internets via Pony Express, with a series of dead ponies. I’m not saying these guys were slow off the mark but I could have walked from the crash site to the publisher’s offices in less time than it took for them to publish the report, and I’m crippled.

Let’s just get that slow report out of here first, before it stinks up the place. Bicyclist killed south of Lander This is a report on the AZ cyclist on a bike tour of the country that was killed by a left-turning semi. More. Than. Two. Weeks. Ago. Seriously I could have walked there from the wreck and posted this report in less time. What is these guys publishing frequency anyway, monthly?

Angry drivers Pt.1 in Boise. Readers share gripes, advice and questions about bicycles on roads Notice in the comments section that is the news in this article the number of drivers that complain because cyclists force them to slow down! And force them to pass unsafely! OK if a 350 pound max GVW vehicle is forcing your 6600 pound curb weight (empty, full tank of gas) vehicle to do anything, you have issues. Well forcing drivers to slow down I can see as drivers must slow down until it is safe to pass, but forcing drivers to pass unsafely? How is that happening? At gunpoint?

Angry drivers Pt.2. Civil disobedience at Colorado bicycle tour My colleague in the Tulsa edition of examiner.com points out the protest will have little effect on bicycle traffic, while blocking motor vehicle traffic that can’t get around the blocking car. He also points out the incongruity of calling cyclists selfish because they make drivers go below the speed limit. For the Hypoxians making this ride I suggest learning how to make Thermite, a few ounces should permanently disable any of the cars that “break down” and obstruct the cycling route, as in burn through the engine block and destroy the crankshaft. Then the vehicle will have “broken down”. Or the Sheriff’s Department could just have the offending vehicles towed and crushed. Hey! one less car! The Boulder Daily Camera has this take. When immaturity and safety collide and thae original story is here. Threats made to disrupt bicycle tour

After all that just getting back to “regular” bike wrecks without terroristic threats of bodily harm is a relief. They IDed the injured cyclist I posted earlier this week. Injured Fairfield Bicyclist Identified Name not released until next of kin are notified, but they have a name now.

Multiple reports on this one. Bicyclist struck, killed in South Whitehall Township and Coroner IDs Victim Of Deadly Bicycle Accident In Lehigh County No word on how he got hit, but he died of multiple blunt force trauma. In other words wearing a helmet would have had no bearing on his survival, he would be dead from something else.

More on the Sand Springs cyclist homicides. Woman charged for hitting & killing cyclists I know the charges at the moment are only manslaughter, but they can (will) be upgraded to homicide when the toxicology reports come back.

A cyclist pulls in front of a moving car and gets killed. Bicyclist dies at FMC after being hit by car What can I say about this one except watch where you’re going and what is coming? And the report of massive head trauma does not mean he should have been wearing a helmet, he was wearing a helmet (from a report I can’t link to any more) and still had the massive head trauma. and before I post anything further wear your helmet, just don’t expect it to perform miracles.

The crash was so bad they haven’t been able to determine the vehicles for all the victims, they think one might have been riding a bicycle and been a secondary collision victim. Freeway Crash Kills Two There are freeways in OR that are legal to ride a bicycle on because of a lack of through roads that cyclists would normally take. I’m not familiar with this particular stretch of pavement but if it is a mountain pass then it would be one of the parts of the Interstate system in OR that was legal to ride a bicycle on.

A MI writer talks about bike safety bills passed or under consideration. Eckert: Bill needed to help keep cyclists safe

A NY cyclist sues the contractor for leaving an unmarked hazard in the road that caused him physical pain and financial loss. Injured bicyclist sues State Street contractor What more can I say, the contractor left a dangerous road condition, one that could have brought down any single track vehicle with or without a motor, it just happened that the guy that hit it was not motor-driven but human powered.

Another report on the OR cyclist payout from the insurance company of an insane driver. Insurance company to pay cyclist $100,000 It’s not just me that says he’s insane, the judge in the case said so…

This is soooo stupid. Helmets, proper attire critical to cycling safety I agree that a helmet should be part of everyone’s cycling apparel but not the first thing.

And more on cracking down on Austratlian cyclists that have killed 2 pedestrians since 1999. Jail threat for dangerous cyclists From the Aussie safety site more than 3000 pedestrians were killed in the years since 1999, 2 by wrecks with bicycles. Obviously they had to crack down on the dangerous cyclists.

More later if I feel like it…

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