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You aren’t clicking my button

Hey, just a reminder I need as many of you as possible to click the button for the cargo bicycles so I can get me a bike for hauling my groceries around. I’m getting tired of the backpack, and the ice cream melts before I can get it back in the freezer. So click that button and go to the Madsen company and maybe buy one of their bikes. I want the Bucket in Cream. I figure if I start with a color that is already close to white it will last a bit longer with all the UV and ozone out here, but I want that bin over the rack only bike, more options in loading.



On a day of very high frustration, The Feed

Not an informative headline today, but I’m hot, I’m angry, and I don’t care.

Yet another cyclist is killed in the deadliest state, FL. Bicyclist killed on Pine Island Road ID’d Eyewitnesses claim the driver was possibly in excess of 100 MPH when he hit the cyclist who died at the scene.

They can’t decide if this guy was riding a bike or walking, for many it doesn’t matter anyone not in a car is a soft target. Pedestrian Killed in Citrus Heights Hit-and-Run The headline says pedestrian, but the video says cyclist. Either way he was hit and left to die. You know the drill, fire up the cement mixer while I dig the hole with the backhoe, and someone needs to get the rabid badgers or wolverines…

Other than the bare facts of someone getting hurt and what activity they were doing when they got hurt, nothing in this article to help you live. Fire Beat: June 18 CO drivers are no worse than any others, but some days it sure seems like they’re the worst.

Another report on the cyclist killed in GA that went barging into the lane without making sure there was room for a bicycle. Bicyclist Killed After Struck by Car This has been a long-running story, but it never changes.

After the perp pleads guilty to all charges the widow of the cyclist shows more compassion than I could. Cyclist’s widow forgives husband’s killer Then the judge levied the maximum sentence permitted by law! all of 5 months with an additional 3 1/2 years of supervised probation during which he will be forbidden from driving a motor vehicle.

A woman gets hit in Canadia. Female Cyclist Injured In Collision Yes she got a boo-boo to her head and wasn’t wearing a helmet, but her legs were also injured and there ain’t a helmet in the world that will protect against that… Besides, the car hit her, not the other way around, why are they allowed to make cars that injure people? 😉

A serial cyclist killer is sentenced in Enn Zed. Driver’s killed before – Jail avoided after striking cyclist Yes you read that right, he has killed before, another cyclist, and they still won’t put him in jail. >:[

They belabor the obvious in MI. Rules of road apply to cyclists

And yet another helmet-centric “safety” article. Safe on two wheels

That’s all I have today, I’m going to celebrate the Solstice tonight and won’t be home until late.

Billed @$.02, Opus

Governor Goodhair screws us all royally

I had to make this a separate post because I am so steamed about this. Governor slams door on cyclists and Safe-passing-for-bikes bill reportedly on Perry veto list also Other measures the governor killed or let live finally Perry vetoes of ethics, bike bills surprise some

Rick “Goodhair” Perry has a bodyguard of 4 Texas State Troopers that ride with him either MTB or on the rare occasion he ventures out on his road bike. If I had armed guards front and rear when I was riding I wouldn’t worry about getting passed too close (“buzzed”) when I was riding either. Perry needs to get out and ride the roads without his entourage and see what it is really like for those of us not surrounded by tons of steel and plastic. This was not a bicyclists’ bill, this bill would have protected everyone that was not in a car from those who are driving multi-ton WMDs disguised as transportation. It imposed no new requirements on drivers, they are already required to pass safely, it just makes it law that not hitting someone hard enough to knock them down is not the same as passing them safely, and ups the punishment for not making a safe pass on someone that has no armor.

PSA, Opus